Better Call Saul fans tore the show by Show’s Boy Title

Better Call Saul on Game Boy is a very nice man.

Three brilliant fans for Better Call Saul put together a terrific video depicting what the television series looks like as a Nintendo Game Boy title.

The video, which features the title screen, character options and some gameplay from the made-up game, was created by artist Lumpy Touch with the help of 2bitcrook and branflakes.

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You could even see this here and here.

Jimmy, Kim, and Mike are your playable characters in the fantasy game. Each character has its own unique set of attributes, like “Guts”, “Hustle”, “Authority” and “Lawyer”. A cutscene with distorted 8-bit vocals follows after one of them was chosen.

The level displayed shows how the player in the desert land paced Super Mario, was dancing on scorpions and was collecting money. Mike’s shooting skills and the boxing encounter between Jimmy and Howard are also reenacted in the video.

I’m listening to the audio in several video games, some of which include Turok and Castlevania, the adventure, and the trip world. The gameboy version of the Better Call Saul theme is also presented.

Better Call Saul is a sequel to the original show in the first half of Breaking Bad and began in 2015 and focuses on Bob Odenkirk’s Jimmy McGill as he transforms from a somewhat straight-headed public defender to a dangerous criminal lawyer.

The show is currently coming into its sixth season. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul played Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad, respectively, during the long-awaited comeo appearance last week.

After the revelation that Kim was disseminated from Jimmy on Episode 9, “Games, and the finalized transformation of her husband into Saul Goodman, the show had shifted towards black-and-white exploits of Gene Takovic’s post-Breaking Bad existence.

Cranston and Paul were just in Albuquerque to unveil the statues of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

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