Halo Infinite Giving Away Free XP Boosts and more for some players


When 343 Industries was released infinite aura In Season 2, many Season 1 Premium Battle Pass owners lost a single challenge slot that reduced their potential experience points per hour, and fans were quick to express their frustration. Currently infinite aura Grants XP boosts and free challenge swaps to some players due to this bug.

343 industries solved many issue infinite aura Fans were struggling to miss out on their Challenge slot in their first featured battle pass in the move into Season 2: Lonely Wolves. Because infinite aura Players can continue to advance through the Season 1 Battle Pass after Lone Wolves was released, and a lot of players have lost those little extra experience points since the live service title entered Season 2. There are plenty of rewards to unlock through the 100 levels of progression each Battle Pass offers, This fix will allow infinite aura Players will get the appropriate challenge slots and may be eligible for free prizes if they miss out yet.

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Shortly after the launch infinite aura Season 2, 343 Industries confirmed that they were aware of the Battle Pass bug affecting premium levels for Season 1, but a fix has begun with the latest update. infinite aura Season 1 Premium Battle Pass owners who were playing the game between May 3 and August 9 will receive 20 challenge trade-offs and 10 XP Boost consumables when logging into the 343 Industries FPS. The two free combos together should allow players who have experienced the challenge slot issue since the launch of Season 2 to catch up where they should be in the battle pass tiers provided the potential XP gain is maximized.

XP Boost consumables allow appropriately infinite aura Players gain more experience for things like completing challenges and multiplayer matches, while the challenge switch feature allows players to trade one challenge against a random one. For more challenges that infinite aura Available players, the more experience they will gain while activating XP Boost and the return of the 4th Challenge Slot will increase the potential winnings for players who earned much less during the start of Season 2. Because 343 Industries has resolved this ongoing Season 1 bug, it may be fixed in a way that prevents Season 2 Premium Battle Pass holders from being affected in the same way when the game starts in Season 3.

Although many players have fixed bugs and announced rewards to express their enthusiasm for the solution and additional XP boosters, others have expressed their complaints about the game, such as the well-known game infinite aura Async issues, missing co-op campaign, minimally rated playlist selection, and more. One infinite aura One player noted that as the new XP Boost consumables went down, they had over 100 to use in current or future seasons, and others lamented how much the bug persisted in the multiplayer experience.

infinite aura Now available for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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