How to delete or hide apps on Apple TV

Apple prides itself on the clean interfaces in its operating systems with quick and easy navigation to your apps, and the latest versions of tvOS for Apple TV are no exception. But over time, when you add new apps like streaming services, games, music apps, and more, that interface can get cluttered and cluttered, especially if you have to navigate through apps you don’t really use. When you once flog your apps with instinctive ease, you are now having a hard time finding Netflix.

If outdated or unused apps are getting in the way of your Apple TV experience, there are ways to clean up the clutter. Here we’ll show you how to delete or hide apps on Apple TV.

Apple 4K TV voice control is used to search for a TV show.

How do I uninstall an app on Apple TV?

One option is to completely delete an app from your Apple TV. This is the best option if it is an app that you no longer use or know that you will never use in the foreseeable future. You can usually redownload an app without having to buy it again, but keep in mind that deleting the app will also remove its data, which may not be recovered. Certain apps, such as native Apple apps like Podcasts, Fitness, or Apple Music, may not be able to be deleted at all. Here’s how to delete an app from your Apple TV.

Step 1: From your Apple TV main screenscroll up or down to find the app you want to uninstall, and hover over it with the remote control pointer.

The Apple TV home screen.

Step 2: hold the Determine Hold the button down for a few seconds until the app starts to vibrate (this is Apple’s official term). On new Siri remotes, this button is the center of the clickpad at the top of the remote. On older Siri remotes, you’ll want to press down on the middle of the touch surface without moving.

Step 3: With the app shaking, press Play/Pause button on the Siri remote. This will bring up a quick menu with various app options.

Apple TV delete option.

The fourth step: Choose delete from the new menu. This is it! The app should fade quickly, and the interface will tweak accordingly. Repeat with any other app you want to remove.

How do I hide apps on Apple TV?

You also have the option to hide apps instead of completely deleting them. This allows you to save app data if you want to use it again, and you may be able to hide some of the original apps that you wouldn’t be able to delete otherwise. It may also be useful for parents who limit their children’s access. Here’s what to do.

Step 1: select file Settings The app from the Apple Home screen (the icon with gears). Choose apps in this list.

Choose Apps in your Apple TV settings.

Step 2: This will provide you with an alphabetical list of your current applications. To the right, you’ll see a section appear as well Displays or Hide. Select an app to switch from Displays to me Hide. It will now be removed from the Apple TV home screen.

Apple TV apps list.

Step 3: If you want to restore an application again, you can return to this section of Settings At what time. Not only can you use this menu to quickly hide several different apps at once, but you can also select an app to switch to again. Displays. This allows you to precisely customize the apps you want to see in a short time, without having to actually delete them all.

The fourth step: When you select an app on the Home screen, you can also choose to rearrange the apps, or group specific apps into a folder, depending on the type of customization that’s right for you.

Ted Lasso on Apple TV 4K.

Additionally, if you use multiple Apple TVs on different screens, you’ll need to go to Users and accounts swear in Settings and enable the option single home screen. This will sync any changes you make to the apps and your home screen on one device with all your other tvOS devices, so you don’t have to repeat the steps.

One final note – you can switch between light and dark modes on your Apple TV using appearance option in general part of Settings. This might make navigation easier, or it might help you find the apps you’re looking for more quickly. You can also use the automatic mode, which turns into dark mode at night.

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