How Vincent Valentine could play Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Vincent Gameplay

Fans are getting excited Final fantasy 7 rebirth. The second part of Final Fantasy 7 Remake A trilogy will appear sometime in the future, with Essence of Crisis: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion launch in the meantime. During The essence of the crisisFans will get a little more time with Zack, a different protagonist than the usual Cloud Strife. With this new version of Zack taking some aspects of gameplay from Remake FF7In the cloud, it should serve as a good revitalization of some of FF7 . compilationEvents before more new entries arrive.

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On the topic of other player characters, the FF7 The community was vigorously debating the number of FF7The original party members will move on to the next batch. the amount of land Final fantasy 7 rebirth Intended to cover is not yet clear. With the events mixed up confirmed, there’s a real chance the party will capture Vincent on their first visit to Shinra and Cid’s mansion in Rocket Town. With Cait Sith coming into the potential Gold Saucer division and Yuffie all guaranteed to join the party early, this makes for a complete team. What really intrigues fans is if all of these characters will be playable in them New birthand how they will play, especially others like Kate Seth and Vincent.

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Incorporating Vincent into Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Originally Final Fantasy 7Vincent Valentine was a secretive figure trapped behind a mystery and a difficult boss assassin in Nibelheim’s Shinra Palace. He looked like a vampire but was actually one of Hugo’s neglected experiments, and a former member of the Turks. Vincent acts as a long-range fighter who uses various weapons, although his stats are not very high. He can get two guns with a 255% hit rate, which means he’ll never miss them, and all his guns hit flying enemies of any class with no accuracy or damage affected. His true strength lies in four final breaks, three of which he could obtain very quickly while the fourth was found in Lucretia Cave. These transform Vincent into various powerful monsters that are beyond the player’s control but will choose between two powerful attacks until Vincent is killed. Vincent can only make use of defensive items in this case, but his damage rates make this a risky but rewarding strategy.

Depending on how the location’s rank switches, Vincent can be found about halfway through the game, before Cid in Rocket Town. That should give him enough time to make his way to the party, even if not all of Vincent’s weapons and abilities are entered into. Final fantasy 7 rebirth. Pulling it off from Shinra Palace will give players some time to adjust to Vincent on the field around Nibelheim, and the next Nibelheim Mountain Dungeon. Assuming the game will last until the point where Erith originally died or his first visit to North Crater, Vincent and Sid should be given plenty of screen time in FF7 rebirth.

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How Vincent’s Rifles Can Work in FF7 Rebirth

To take advantage of that time, Vincent’s arsenal will need some major expansion. Vincent originally had thirteen guns to choose from FF7Four turns with two attacks each. Unfortunately, this gunslinger played in 2D without as many baked goods as other party members. Aside from his death penalty gun potentially growing to broken levels of strength by defeating enemies, Vincent’s role is dictated by Materia customization and limit breaks. if FF7 rebirth He keeps Vincent’s transformations as limited breaks, at which point new abilities will be required to fill up the gunner’s usual kit.

In general, Vincent should play something like Barret, but with a higher movement speed and focus on stronger single shots. Vincent may be able to shoot as in National anthem of Cerberus or Final Fantasy 15 To deliver critical hits, or he might use the death penalty mechanic in each fight to power up his kill. Based on Vincent’s ability to fly FF7: The Coming of BabiesHis dribbling roll may go further than other characters, allowing him to easily get out of trouble and reposition, even if he doesn’t deal much damage. The different weapons should feel as if they were in a first-person or third-person shooter, and more weapons that don’t cross can be introduced into Barrett’s territory. If compound attacks are a thing for later Remake FF7 Parts, then Vincent could be for additional attacks alongside his undercover teammate Yuvi, fellow gunner Barrett, and former teammate Shinra Cloud.

Limit-breaking diversions should play a big role in Vincent’s battle

All he leaves is the elephant in the room, Vincent’s four transformations. Gallian’s Beast, Death Gigas, Hellmasker, and Chaos present a unique design challenge to adapt Vincent’s small signature skills. Remake FF7Action fight. Having each one playable now would be nice, but four or more extra group members is hard to ask for. Alternatively, each monster model can act like a manually started summon that can be brought into any battle. They’ll take time to charge, leave one member short, be only temporary, and require ATB to use their strongest attacks, but their power will be overwhelming.

If handled correctly, Vincent Valentine can become a very versatile member that offers a completely different way of approaching combat encounters. Choosing the right rifle and shift for the job will be critical, but doing it right will allow Vincent to act as an elusive support striker and tank that can briefly reach the game’s highest DPS. The odds are even higher than those of Cait Sith, who players are also keen to see in action in real time. if Final fantasy 7 rebirth Does not include all of FF7Party members, hopefully Vincent will stand out as a fun way to enjoy the game.

Final fantasy 7 rebirth It is currently in development and due to be released next winter on PS5.

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