In addition to gameplay, blockstar VR receives two new trailers

For the developer and publisher Immersive Division released two new trailers showing off the weapons you'll find in BlockStar VR. There are no surprises to this, beyond the idea that many different guns are blowing up and killing you. But we're better looking at that kind of thing at the least.

Developer and publisher Immersive Division released two new trailers showing off the weapons you will find in BlockStar VR. It’s not without the idea that some different guns blow up and bolt through things. And at least we are figuring out what they have planned for the VR shooter. The videos show their appearance in Gamescom 2022 as well as the game in the Business Area of Hall 4.1, Booth C021g (Games from Czechia). The game still has no good release date beyond “Q3 2022”, so we are hoping they’ll drop this info in the event. Let’s play the trailer here.

Credit: Integrated Division.

Welcome to a distant future. Since the human left the planet a few years ago and spread everything across the solar system, other problems still remain. Despite his advancements in technical terms, humanity is still plagued by social inequalities, and the difference between rich and poor has never been more evident. The rich, the lucky few do what they’ve always done through the ages live based on the capital built by others and using their entire energy to stay in power. The poor, as well as a few thought, are screwed.

Well, you belong to the second group. A small miner, that is intended to mine minerals in a countless colony of Mars. You are one of the millions who live and die, not to mention by silence. If they don’t participate in the BlockStar Tournament, you can not! For people like you, this exciting, fast-paced, and deadly competition that takes place on an orbital station is only a way to change luck, become someone and make it a difference. So you can give a life of luxury on the heavenly planet.

If you were to participate in a tournament where the chance of dying and the chances of success are virtually impossible, you may not be as good as you think you should. And maybe it wasn’t your idea – but you’re right now, and if you’re going, go out well! Thus, great luck, aim true, and try not to die while going to the BlockStar tournament, the gladiator game of the future.

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