Infographic: The Jinshin Effect explains the interactions of new elements

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An interesting Genshin Impact infographic provides a better explanation of the new initial reactions that are due to arrive in Update 3.0.

Jinshin effectThe latest version 3.0 livestream event confirmed the arrival of a major area called Sumero. This major update will also introduce a completely new element to the game’s combat system.

Jinshin effectDendro’s world contains seven different items, and Dendro is the only item that has yet to appear on the character’s kit. The live stream confirmed that this will change soon, as the first logo of the new update will introduce three new Dendro characters – including the new version of Traveler.

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New post on popularity Jinshin effect The subreddit provides more information on upcoming Dendro element interactions. Reddit user prezler has made an interesting infographic listing all the raw reactions that will become available once the new item arrives in the upcoming Gesnhin’ effect Version 3.0. The new element will introduce six new elemental interactions:

  • Bloom (Hydro/Dendro) – Creates a Bloom Seed on the battlefield.
  • Stimulation (Electro / Dendro) – Causes enemies to be smashed by Quicken.
  • Burgeon (Bloom/Pyro) – Causes Bloom seeds to explode causing Dendro damage.
  • Hyperbloom (Bloom / Electro) – Creates guided missiles that deal Dendro damage.
  • Aggravation (Stimulation/Electric) – Accelerated enemies deal more electrical damage.
  • Spread (Stimulation / Dendro) – Speeding enemies take more Dendro damage.

There is an additional elemental backlash associated with the item called Burning, but it has been part of the game from the start. It can be triggered by combining Dendro and Pyro, and it causes damage to AoE Pyro. Multiple responses in the comments section indicate that the new initial reactions will completely change the current Jinshin effect meta, which means that older DPS characters like Keqing or Diluc can become viable again. A large part of the community claims that the new Dendro item can become a must-have for almost any team formation.

former Jinshin effect Leaks suggest that new types of team combinations that focus on triggering a specific elemental interaction such as Aggravate or Burgeon could become viable options in the future. A couple of comments claim that this will provide much-needed versatility when it comes to choosing the right team composition as players seem to be tired of using the same S-class characters over and over again.

Players will have the option to use the new item from the start as Aether and Lumine will likely receive their Dendro transformation in the first couple of missions. Traveler’s Element Burst has a massive AoE effect that allows for continuous Dendro application. The livestream event also confirmed that players will get a new four-star Dendro character called Collei for free.

Jinshin effect Now available for mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. The Switch version is currently under development.

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