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Hyakkaou Academy is home to one of the most powerful student councils of all time, with the president of this prestigious group essentially ruling the entire nation. Many influential figures have naive children who have just ripened for picking, and most of them end up indebted to the council for life.

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The following personalities will be evaluated according to their positions on the Student Council inKakegurui – compulsive gamblerAnd the Kakigurui twinsBefore Yumiko Jabami expels some of the candidates from the major leagues. Each character is ranked according to their gambling skills rather than their placement within the board; This is a gambling anime after all. Besides, some fans may consider the beauty commission more important than say the cashier or the traditional culture club, who then opens another can of whole worms.

Details discussed in this article will be from events in Kakigurui twinsStreaming now Netflix.

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12 Analytical mind

Sayaka Igarashi may be Kirari’s right-hand man (well, after Ririka of course) but she shows little interest in getting involved in the addictive past time that captivates the students of Hyakkaou Academy, and he’ll take over politics over poker any day.

Sayaka is a power-hungry perfectionist who seeks nothing more than Kirari’s approval, and her intense intellect is on full display during The Tower of Doors. Unfortunately, her greatest asset becomes a weakness as Sayuka shows her inability to color outside the lines, thus losing to Yumeko in the end.

11 pop star

This famous performer may be a top contender for the presidential office in Kakigurui XXbut some viewers argue that they haven’t seen it yet In fact Adventure. When Yumemi faces Yumemite against Yumeko (and later, Sumika Warakubami), the only thing arguable classifies these events as gambling It is the fact that money or votes are at stake. Otherwise, they are simply overrated talent contests.

Yumemi clearly has a way of manipulating people, which is a valuable trait in the gambling world. However, at the end of the day, her participation in anything at Hyakkaou Academy is just an attempt to further her career as an artist, hoping to win an Oscar one day.

10 naughty

Not all Kirari fans share his admiration for the confused game of Midari Ikishima, whose favorite hobby seems to be Russian roulette. Just like Yumiko, Mediri’s deepest desires are raised when taking a risk, however, and she appears to be investing more in ending her life than in improving her finances through gambling.

Medari’s despair of pain stems from her experience with sadistic Kirari, who has not casually stated that she would simply love to see the back of her eyeball. Intrigued by the idea, Medari immediately slits her eye open (without anesthesia) and is instantly bitten by a sadomasochistic insect.

9 the guy

Itsuki Sumragi has quite a bit of weight on her shoulders, as she is the only first year to be a part of the Student Council and is burdened by the high expectations of her successful father. Fighting for the top is the only thing stopping Itsuki from getting away with it, and the stress from all of that is probably what makes her break up.

When viewers first meet antagonist Itsuki, she has a masochistic fetish to collect people’s fingernails, torn straight from their fingers. Yumiko quickly puts the girl in place, and Itsuki’s virtues finally get a chance to shine. Itsuki puts everything in line for Yumiko, risking everything again for Kaede, to prove herself as an exceptionally loyal ally.

8 Pride and prejudice

While he may have endured his loss against Yumiko pretty hard, his entry with the dark-haired seductress appears to be the only time Kaede Manyuda allowed his feelings to overpower him, inspiring the illogical decisions that led to his downfall. In the end, Kaede manages to flick off his bruised ego and re-emphasize his gambling skills during the Great Good Game.

Well, he may not have won the Great Good in the end, but that doesn’t make Kaede unworthy of his newfound confidence. Without exchanging a word, Kaede quickly sliced ​​up Yumiko’s scheme to expose the traitor, putting his pure ability to read people in full view.

7 yin and yang

Yuriko Nishinotouin is actually a very complex character who isn’t given much credit for having been instantly antagonized. Poor Mari is the first victim that fans see as devastated by this complicit third year, but Yuriko is immediately deceived by Yumiko. Although all evidence of her cheating is completely missing, Yuriko’s reputation takes a close look at her nose, and all her convictions besides that.

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What makes Yuriko a virtue is that although she may have something to gain from her student council seat, she uses her status to protect every member of the traditional culture club from falling prey to the household pet system. Yuriko also looks more stunned by her guards’ potential lack of security than her loss after her title was revoked.

6 overthinking

Sakura Miharutaki has attained a prestigious position as the leader of the Beatification Committee and is primarily responsible for upholding the law at Hyakkaou Academy in Kakigurui twins. She has proven to have a particularly analytical mind with the ability to process information at the speed of light, which often gives her the upper hand in most gambling situations.

However, Sakura’s biggest downfall is her habit of over-analyzing everything, thus creating too much.”What if“Scenarios to accurately assess the bigger picture. Unfortunately, her emotions overpower her when Marie begins to sniff around her land, and Sakura learns the hard way that intelligence is just one piece of the gambling puzzle.”

5 agitator

Although it looks like Rhona Yumozuki may not officially be able to engage in gambling, she definitely knows how to play with people and has a huge influence behind the scenes at Hyakkaou Academy. As the leader of the election commission, Rona usually plays the role of a merchant or judge and prides himself on being (falsely) impartial.

Despite her youthful appearance, Runa seems to have a better understanding of how things work at Hyakkaou Academy than Sayaka does, and has an especially close relationship with the Momobami Twins. Runa is an invisible opponent and a manipulative puppet master, who in no way should be underestimated.

4 Tyrant

Although fans don’t get the chance to see Sachiko Juraku physically gamble (yet), they have experienced the full power of her realization, combined with advanced intelligence that goes beyond the norm. Sachiko creates one of the most elaborate games with its Treasure Hunt, the complexity of which Kirari’s Tower of Doors arguably can only be surpassed by controversy.

Manipulative minds can’t get one yet, but Sachiko seems very happy with her role as leader of the Public Ethics Committee, the perfect pitch for such a sadistic bully. With the students as her pawns, Sachiko satisfies her devious desires at their expense, making a huge profit in the process.

3 Lawyer

Fans haven’t had much of a chance to see Ririka Momobami in action either, however, it is highly unlikely that she was promoted to Vice President due to nepotism. Kirari’s twin gives the distinct impression of being her subordinate; Completely submissive without any initiative on her part, underlined by her need to always hide behind a mask.

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Ririka piques the interest of viewers when she suddenly becomes a huge fan of Mary Saotome and starts following her instead of the boss. What makes this even more suspicious is that Ririka has only shown utmost loyalty to Kirari, so why the sudden change of heart?

2 scammer

Rumor has it that Aoi Mibuomi is groomed to become the next student council president, before Kirari intervenes to sabotage their plans. It’s hard to adequately assess Aoi’s gambling abilities after watching only one short match, but watching the way he works behind the scenes is a testament to his strengths.

It’s undeniable that Aoi is ruthless, although if first impressions are to be believed, he’s a defender with a heart of gold. The more viewers (and Mary) get to know Aoi, the less authentic he becomes until everything finally unfolds to show how condescending he really is. If Aoi’s mind game talents were up to half of his gambling abilities, most of them wouldn’t be willing to bet against him.

1 President

Kirari Momubami has been gambling from a very young age, often challenging other members of the Momubami clan (and winning, of course), which essentially made her the leader of the group since childhood. One might assume that overconfidence will eventually overtake Kirari, but so far, her skills and intellect have sufficiently reinforced her bloated ego.

Although Kirari has a very sadistic side, she seems to be driven more by a sinister curiosity to see how far she can push people before it breaks (so, not sadomasochism like the rest.) But as they say, “curiosity killed the cat,” and Kirari’s desire to see How fair Hyakkaou Academy will be in the elections may end up deposing this eponymous dictator.

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