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Natalie Holt He has become a favorite composer in genre media over the past two years. Whether it’s in the MCU with loki or in a galaxy far away Obi-Wan KenobiHolt’s unique voice has brought new life to some of pop culture’s biggest franchises. In a recent interview with movie discussionThe now Emmy-nominated composer has spoken about her career to date which has included her time working at star Wars Universe.

During the interview, Holt was asked how she handled her Obi-Wan Kenobi Considering that she was working with the legendary John Williams And use his voice as a baseline for the project. “Well, it was very different from loki Because obviously there is a lot of home style with Lucasfilm and star Wars. She said, “It has a very big voice that was created by John Williams and is associated with some of the characters on the show.” Holt would go on to say, “So I felt like I had to be sensitive to that and respect history, and then also bring in some new ideas that I felt would merge with it. It was great working with John Williams – he’s one of my heroes.” Adding to that special moment, Holt has just been nominated for a World Soundtrack Award for Best Television Composer with Williams for their work on the series.

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It’s very interesting to hear how Holt compares to work loki to me Obi Wan. Although Loki is an established character in the MCU, he wasn’t the main focus until his series or had his own musical theme before. As Holt says, star Wars He already had a consistent voice to him, and Obi-Wan as a character has had multiple themes throughout the franchise’s 45-year history. This makes it even more impressive what Holt has been able to achieve with the popular Jedi series.

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She takes heroic voices from Obi-Wan’s past and turns them upside down, transforming him into a story of a fallen hero. There is a lot of bleak tragedy in the new William Obi Wan The subject that Holt further amplifies in the rest of the score. many star Wars Scores step up in these larger than life sentimental poems. However, Holt fluctuates so satisfyingly that every time you feel the score will get that classic star Wars Feel victorious regarding Obi Wanit sinks to an unexpected darker octave.

Whether it’s his sweet relationship with the young Princess Leia or his devastating personal feud with Darth Vader, Holt’s score is a beautiful balance between light and dark combat in a relatively intimate gray area. Hope Holt gets more chances to play in star Wars The universe is in the future, but for now, you can listen to its amazing score through broadcast Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney+.

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