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The SimpsonsAs one of the longest-running TV shows in history, it has brought many generations a laugh over the decades. However, there can be no comedy without tragedy, and The Simpsons It has a lot of that to offer to the fans as well.

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The show often plays tragedy for jokes, like Homer’s stupidity, the family’s lack of money, or Bart’s misbehavior, but sometimes it really is in the best interest of feelings. When The Simpsons Wanting it, he can stun the audience at heart and make them cry like the best dramas, coming from a real real place.

Updated August 14, 2022 by Tom Bowen: Although it may be a comedy at heart, The Simpsons is able to evoke a wide range of emotions in viewers. Besides making viewers laugh, the show’s authors are probably more adept when it comes to making them cry, with plenty of heart-wrenching moments throughout the show’s 33 seasons. In fact, the saddest and most memorable episodes of The Simpsons are arguably the funniest and most The speed and ease with which writers are able to change the tone of an episode has played a huge role in the show’s continued success over the past three decades or so. .

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12 Bart and Lisa – Lisa on the Ice Rivalry

Given how often they may find themselves competing for their parents’ attention, it’s only natural that some siblings develop a little rivalry. However, in some extreme cases, these rivalries can become incredibly toxic, as in the eighth episode of Season VI, Lisa on the Ice. The episode sees Lisa score to play in goal for the Apu hockey team, and the spiky-haired saxophonist quickly becomes the star of the team.

Homer then ignites the rivalry between Bart and Lisa before a big game between their two teams, with things turning very quickly. Just as the couple seems ready to get over the snot from each other, they both remember the good moments they shared. With the game tied, the crowd begins a riot as Bart and Lisa drop hockey sticks and skate together until sunset while Marge smiles proudly.

11 Grandpa turns away from Homer’s dog – to graze, with love

Most people give up The Simpsons Long before season 24 even kicked off, but those who stuck with it were treated to an incredibly emotional episode in the form of To Cur, with Love. It is one of many flashback episodes in the series and tells the story of Homer’s beloved dog Bongo. Despite the incredibly strong bond between the pair, things end on a bitter note after an unfortunate accident at the nuclear power plant.

After Bongo bites Mr. Burns to protect Homer, Abe ends up abandoning him to prevent Burns from killing him. A few months later, Homer tries to rescue Bongo from his new home but finds that not only is Bongo happy, he seems to have forgotten all about his former best friend. He later finds out that this isn’t actually the case, but the pain he feels during that moment is likely to hit hard on all animal lovers.

10 Bart Marge buys a gift – don’t be proud Marge

The show as a whole is filled with stories of Bart’s Atonement. These stories involve Bart doing his usual misbehavior, but he goes too far and feels like he needs to fix things. There have been different angles about it over the years, but the Marge Be Not Proud episode is by far the best.

After being caught stealing and damaging a family photo, Marge finally surrenders to Bart, treating him with a heartbreaking sense of coldness, causing Bart to instantly regret his actions. To make things right, Bart returns to the store he stole from to buy a pretty picture of his mother, causing Marge to hug him in one of the show’s sweetest endings.

9 Homer is waiting for death – one fish, two fish, a puffer fish, a blue fish

Although more than 30 seasons have passed, The Simpsons He never tried to convince the public that a family member was about to die. They have been in mortal danger many times, but everyone knows that something will always come to their rescue at the last moment.

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When the show was only in its infancy, season two, the writers thought they could pull off this trick. After eating some bad fugu, Homer Simpson thinks he only has 24 hours to live. The moment he accepts his fate is unsettling, as he sits looking out his window listening to the Bible in a unique moment of presentation. Very few people actually believed that Homer was really going to die, but the moment he slips away is still heart-wrenching in a strange way looking back.

8 Bart fails – Bart gets a grade of F

Another Bart sympathy, this episode takes a completely different path to the emotional dip that Marge Be Not Proud does. Where this episode is about Bart dealing with his mistake, this episode focuses on Bart trying his best to make up.

After being told that he will fail the fourth grade, he has a test coming up to save himself, however, trying as hard as he can, he can’t focus on studying. In the end, he commits and even gives up a joyful snowy day to study for this exam, making him utterly devastating when he fails anyway. Bart properly collapses into tears like the show so rarely does, and although he manages to earn an extra point for passing, the moment he fails is still hugely impactful.

7 Homer’s letter to Lisa – Lisa’s wedding

Most episodes flash forward from The Simpsons You don’t usually go for passion. It’s a very good opportunity to make jokes about the future or tell fun stories about the characters to get you engrossed. Lisa’s Wedding manages to get the best of both worlds, living this sweet moment in a hilarious loop.

Before Lisa is about to walk down the aisle, Homer visits her and adopts a sweet letter that talks about how much he loves his daughter. The phrase “You are my greatest achievement, and you have done everything yourself” is a perfect summation of their relationship and how Homer truly loves Lisa like no one else.

6 Maggie’s first word – Lisa’s first word

The episode hits fans with a double whammy of emotional moments. Telling the story of how Bart responded to Lisa’s birth and the changes it brought about, the two finally come to an agreement when Lisa speaks her first word, “Bart,” which Bart loves, and they instantly become friends.

One of the biggest jokes running in the episode is the torture of poor Homer. Homer constantly tries to get his children to call him “Dad,” but they keep calling him “Homer” instead. This culminates beautifully at the end of the episode when Homer puts Maggie to bed, and just before she falls asleep, she takes out the pacifier and says “Dad” in one of the funniest moments of the show.

5 We will really miss you Mrs. K. – Four regrets and a funeral

A moment that comes of real-life grief, as Edna Krabappel’s character unfortunately had to retire in 2013 after voice actress Marcia Wallace tragically passed away. The show has praised her in so many ways over the years, with both Ned Flanders and Nelson Muntz saying how they would “really miss her,” but this little moment is the hardest.

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In the opening title sequence, Bart’s chalkboard gag is a staple, as some silly line will be written to launch things quickly and fun. However, this time there was only one short sentence written on the board that read “We will really miss you Mrs. K.” Bart also looked sad. It was a small gesture, but an incredibly powerful tribute to one of the show’s greatest entertainers.

4 Bleeding Gums Murphy Tribute – ‘Round Springfield

Lisa doesn’t often get the characters she’s looking for in her life. While her parents love her very much, they can’t relate to her hobbies, and Bart is far from a constructive force in her life. So when she meets a character like Bleeding Gums Murphy, who shares her passion for jazz, she sticks it out tight.

Unfortunately, that makes it all the more tragic when they have to leave. In the case of Bleeding Gums Murphy, he died in the hospital before Lisa could say goodbye. She couldn’t find a way to appropriately honor him until Bart came in a fit of brotherly sympathy and ditched his legal $500 win to buy her a record that could be played on the radio. It’s a touching scene as Lisa says goodbye while the whole town enjoys Murphy’s record.

3 You are Lisa Simpson – Lisa’s replacement

When Bleeding Gums Murphy hooked up with Lisa because of her love of jazz, a few seasons ago she found someone to hook up with because of her love of education. A substitute teacher, Mr. Bergstrom teaches more passionately than anyone before, and Lisa is amazed.

Such is the surrogate’s life, though, that eventually, her regular teacher returns, and Mr. Bergstrom has to say goodbye. Lisa does not want to let him go, and Mr. Bergstrom helps her by handing her a note that he says will help her when she feels alone in the world. When she opens it, she simply says “You’re Lisa Simpson,” a powerful message of self-assertion that reminds Lisa and the audience to always stay true to themselves.

2 Homer Watching the Stars – Mother Simpson

A character who has been missing for most of Homer’s life, the episode returns Mother Simpson and Homer’s mother to the world of Springfield. After spending some time bonding, the family learns that she is a fugitive from the law, at which point it becomes inevitable that she must leave again.

Homer takes her to a place where some hippies take her, and the two say goodbye, never knowing if they’ll see each other again. Then, having just lost his mother a second time, Homer sits on the roof of his car and looks up at the sky as the sunset turns to night and the credits shift to slow music. It’s one of the few times in the series that the show doesn’t utter a word, it just lets the audience hang a picture of Homer watching the stars and lets them imagine what’s going on in Homer’s mind after this sad event.

1 Do it for her and Maggie makes three

And Maggie Makes Three is one of the best episodes to analyze Homer as a character. The audience can see him reach the heights, and see him really happy with his life, before falling back down. It’s the best look at how miserable Homer is to provide for his family.

Homer drops his dream job at a bowling alley and begins living life to the fullest. Unfortunately, Marge bears Maggie, and Homer has to return to his soul-shattering job at the nuclear plant. On his return, Mr. Burns installed a sign on his wall that read “Don’t Forget, You’re Here Forever” to really rub it in. However, at the end of the episode, Homer reveals that he keeps all of his photos of Maggie where he needs the most glamor, explaining that he used the photos to cover up the sign so that it now reads “Do it for her.”

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