THQ Nordic is working on an unnamed South Park game

After Ubisoft and Obsidian Entertainment finished, it's time for the Stakeholder and Question Games to play South Park.

“hot hot hot”, was what Randy Marsh said before, while THQ Nordic closed its most recent video game showcase.

Taking up the best to last, THQ Nordic confirmed it will play South Park.

The video game publisher recently showed off a series of games that it’s working on and published that it will soon go out, and as it appears, one of these will be South Park.

Unfortunately, THQ missed any more details about the game. To mention that this is the first time since THQ Nordic will publish South Park, so we don’t know what to expect.

Even if we didn’t have the info, we could write anything about the unnamed South Park game. According to Jason Schreier, the third game in South Park was effective last year. Then Schreier discussed the 900 million dollar deal with ViaComCBS between Trey Parker and Matt Stone. En outre, a post of Question Games emphasized that the South Park title might be multiplayer.

We hope THQ Nordic respects the source material without making it completely useless.

As much as we loved Obsidian Entertainment and Ubisoft’s take on South Park, it wouldn’t surprise us that Question Games did a better job. The studio’s ten developers have years of experience with AAA, from BioShock to Dishonored, and even the past two South Park games.

Since South Park celebrated its 25th year this month, we hope to hear more about the third South Park game soon.

In South Park, 2014’s The Stick of Truth is one of the best yet weird games that you can play. The sequel, The Fractured But WHole, was a bit as bad as a superhero game, so it could appeal to a wider audience.

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