Aqib Taleb’s brother transforms into himself after a fatal shooting at a youth football match

Former NFL star Jacob Salk Taleb is the brother of NFL star Jacob Taleb surrendered himself in Dallas County Jail Monday after local cops issued a warrant for his arrest Sunday night. The Lancaster (Texas) Police Department has named him as the sole person involved in the fatal shooting of youth soccer coach Mike Hickmon that occurred Saturday night, after a game between Hickmon’s DEA Dragons and North Dallas United Bobcats.

Aqib Taleb, Five Times Pro Bowler and recently announced Thursday night football The host, he was running the match alongside his brother when a brawl broke out. A witness told the local Fox station That the Dragon beat the Bobcats, and things escalated when an unidentified adult affiliated with the Bobcats came up and said he was going to hit the ref. According to witnessesGame officials called, and Hickmon was about to pick up a soccer ball when someone kicked her off him, sparking a scuffle. Somewhat annoying video from the game I got it for the first time TMZ People are shown arguing with a pair of rulers before a quarrel breaks out. Everyone disperses as five gunshots ring out.

Witnesses said WFAA local station That about 80 children, mostly nine-year-olds, were in the field when the shooting occurred, including Hickmon’s son. Hickman played college football in North Texas and coached the Dragons for two years. After he was shot, he was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Lancaster Police have not officially released much information other than their interest in arresting Jacob, although Hakmon’s salutes have flowed.

Aqib’s name was not mentioned in the press release, but his representatives Confirmed to TMZ He was in the game. “[Talib] The astonishment and extreme destruction caused by this heavy loss of life.” He would like to convey his condolences to the family of the victim and to everyone who witnessed this unfortunate tragedy.

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