Best Nemuidere Male Characters in JRPGs

Nemuidere Characters In JRPGs Link and Adol Christin

Among the many “-dere” archetypes, the nemuidere archetype is a lesser known trope often found in JRPGs. The characters who fall into this archetype are appropriately defined by sleeping for long periods of time; This makes sense given that the term nemuidere is derived from “nemui” (a Japanese word meaning sleepy) and “deredere” (Japanese meaning lovey-dovey).

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Whether they are intentionally lazy or just tired after a hard day saving the world, these new boys are still creative in the eyes of fans for a variety of reasons; With one of these reasons likely being their love of sleep, the foe boys on this list also serve as a reminder of the importance of sleep.

Today’s video games

From killing Ganondorf to defeating other villains who might threaten Hyrule, it can seem difficult to classify Link as a nemuidere. But on the other hand, to say that there is a strong correlation between attachment and sleep is an understatement.

One of the first scenes in many the legend of zelda Games usually consist of Link being woken up by those around him, whether it’s his sister Ariel Wind Wicker or village children from ocarina of time. In fact, in the same wild Hyrule would have likely faced certain doom if Link had not been activated from his hundred-year sleep.

6 Akitaka Kujoh (1bitHeart)

Despite its menacing red appearance, Akitaka is actually quite a laid-back person. Akitaka spends most of his free time on long naps, which makes it difficult for his friends to wake him up during his stay in the very dangerous Break Passage, when he’s not performing with his band.

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Akitaka first meets Nanashi at Coco Alley while the latter investigates the mysterious vandalism of the honey garden. Akitaka and Nanashi don’t officially become friends until Nanashi and Misani investigate the illegal One-Punch Dead in Break Passage, though Akitaka still prefers sleeping rather than socializing.

5 Noctis Lucis Caelum (Final Fantasy 15)

In an effort to deal with the duties that come with being crown prince, Noctis tended to isolate himself from others, preferring to nap on his own time. This was especially prevalent when Noctis was a teenager when he showed his disinterest in everything that was going on around him.

Although his mannerisms make him seem unconcerned, Noctis is actually a very loyal individual. Despite his royal upbringing, he views his friends as equals and values ​​their company. Even though he had left his friends behind in order to usher in a ten-year slumber inside the Crystal, he wasted no time in being reunited with them upon awakening.

4 Jaspar (Chrono Player)

Gaspard is nicknamed The Guru of Time, and serves as an ally to the party throughout their journey. A time traveler, Gaspar is responsible for gifting the Time Egg to the party when they reach the end of time after Chrono’s death.

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Although his nickname is very important, Gaspard carries himself in a very relaxed manner. When the party doesn’t interact with him, Gaspar can likely be found sleeping under a lamppost, not moving an inch from where the party last found him.

3 Adol Christin (Ys Series)

Like Link, saying that Adol is a nemuidere can come as a huge surprise. From crossing the Drum Tower to slaying giant centipede demons, Adol’s exploits greatly overshadow the times he fell asleep.

The true state of Adol being an enemy lies in the most frequent gag in Ys . series. Because of his terrible luck with boats, Adol would usually encounter some sort of mishap at sea, whether he was attacked by enemies or had a shipwreck accident. Therefore, Adol often arrives in new territory unconscious, resulting in him needing sleep in order to recover.

2 Stahn Aileron (Tales of Destiny)

Having lived a peaceful childhood, Stahn was determined to escape the boredom that seemed to dominate his village. But even after the rise of Draconis, one of the habits Stahn could never break was his tendency to fall asleep, which led to those around him, namely his sister Lilith, resorting to unorthodox methods to wake him up.

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Although his slow and naive ways might get on the nerves of Lilith and Demelus, his talking sword, Stan has a kind heart. His impulsive antics make him comically cool all the time Fate tales While his growth into a mature young man makes him stand out as one of the best Tales Ansar.

1 Lindhardt (Fire Emblem Three Houses)

Unlike many nobles in Fire Emblem: Three HousesLindhardt can hardly be described as proud, and instead carries himself with an air of indifference and indifference. Although he is very intelligent, many of Lindhardt’s support conversations show that he prefers to spend his days sleeping, sometimes doing other casual activities that interest him.

As a result of his evasion of his duties to House Hevring, many of the other nobles in the game look to Lindhardt, though he is indifferent to them; His many endings even include him eventually giving up his noble home in favor of living his life. The only thing that can keep Lindhart from falling asleep is the subject of Crests, to which he is completely and completely dedicated.

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