Bugs, Finns and Velma can win hard in MultiVersus season one patch

The nerfs arrived and some nice changes came to the entire game.

Season One for MultiVersus almost arrived, with a slightly delayed release coming soon. But, before that launch, Player First Games released the next set of patch notes for the game, which include general rework for the battle pass system and a balance adjustment for around half of the roster.

Since its confirmed release on Aug. 23, PFG confirmed that Morty from Rick and Morty will be released on Aug. 23 and more characters will be teased and released over season one.

For the battle pass, the developers made it easier to complete seasonal missions by reducing the requirements for a number of Callouts or Assists to reach a milestone. Additionally, classes-based missions won’t be in rotation for the combat pass outside of Tanks, players can always unlock Wonder Woman for free via the tutorial and the team doesn’t want to distract players so heavily.

Battle pass XP has been increased to 10 for wins and five for losses to help players regain control from a play on MultiVersus.

The next batch of free rotation characters from the 15 to 30 o’clock will be Arya, Batman, LeBron James and Steven Universe, with an icon with which are free to use during every rotation period.

As previously announced, Bugs Bunny had gotten hit with his own bat and some of his best moves have been nerfed, including his Up Airthough Bugs players shouldn’t feel lonely, as the majority of the character-specific changes in this patch were nerfs.

Velma was hard-hit, and she became one of the most famous characters in the higher ranks, as far as her moves were far from all her work. Much of her weight went down, which means it was easier to kill, with her actions a low focus, and her normality was lowered, and her ammo neutro have been lowered, hence her weight being reduced.

According to the developers, Finn was too hard to fight against because he had so many safe options to throw out; therefore, many of his nerfs were based on adding additional whiff recovery and reworking hitboxes to the problem. Meanwhile, Tazs Taz-nado is finally a cooldown move after a nerfed patch and several of his other moves received minor buffs and fixes to make them more reliable.

Iron Giant and LeBron both got new ones, but it was mostly to fix issues with some of their abilities and moves since they were still experimental characters that were added during the beta. Though some moves, like the Iron Giants cannonball and the LeBrons dunk, some changes have become more useful for me, especially since you can’t cancel off air specials.

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