Comparing Sephiroth in Final Fantasy 7 Remake to his Kingdom Hearts version


Final Fantasy 7 It is one of the most popular JRPG games of all time. Among the RPG fanatics, many agree FF7 It is an important classic and almost a must-play for those who want to understand the genre. As a result, there are not many players who do not know the two most important characters of the game, Cloud Strife and Sephiroth. The two are very important to FF7so when it comes to Final Fantasy 7 Remake With the goal of retelling the memorable story once again, players were concerned about how to change their characters for better or worse.

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However, the majority of Final Fantasy 7 cast are no strangers to recreating their characters for specific purposes, with one of the most famous examples being their guest appearance on Kingdom Hearts. In the KH Series, Cloud and Friends recurring characters, adapted to fit into the series’ worlds, which means nature Final Fantasy Guests changed as a result. It can easily be said that the character that went through the most changes was Sephiroth, who was completely there KH Modified to match the cloud.

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Sephiroth in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

When it comes to Sephiroth, many fans of the original FF7 I wasn’t exactly expecting Sephiroth to be a recurring character all along remake. While it was mentioned fairly early on, the villain using Masamune was not seen in the original game until the end of the first section before players left Midgar. However, in Remake FF7He seems to tease Cloud multiple times about their intertwined fates. Sephiroth even asks Cloud to join him in challenging their fate at the end of the game, which Cloud refuses.

in FF7RIt’s hard to say exactly what’s going on with Sephiroth just yet, but there are a lot of implications that Sephiroth is still connected to Cloud through their Jenova cells, and this allows Sephiroth to appear in front of Cloud early in the game. It is still fresh in Claude’s mind until the very end when he kills President Shinra and nearly kills Barrett. It is commonly assumed that the rogue soldier was found in remake It is actually Sephiroth from the future trying to change what happened in the past, but even if future games are like New birth Refuting this theory, Sephiroth appears to absorb the Rulers of Destiny and thus knows the future of their world regardless.

but, FF7R She points out to her players that Sephiroth scares them and they should be afraid, and demands all the attention any time he appears, which naturally comes with being one of the most famous video game villains. in remakeLooks like he’s aiming to change the origin story Final Fantasy 7 To avoid defeat again. His goal in asking Cloud to join him seems to be trying to enlist the help of the “Sephiroth clone” who once gave him the Black Materia in the original timeline early, which is probably why he refused, he simply smiles and fights Cloud again. He’s most likely aware that Cloud will end up helping him later in the future regardless of whether he chooses to be on the edge of creativity.

Kingdom Hearts’ Sephiroth

in Kingdom HeartsSephiroth is a secret combat boss that players can encounter after closing the keyhole in the Hollow Bastion and returning to Olympus Coliseum. Due to the fact that fans can fight it only before the end of the game, it is known that it is very difficult, and those who are unprepared for its challenge may end up cutting HP in half since the first attack alone. For those who manage to outdo him, they will be treated to a movie scene where Cloud and Sephiroth meet and fight like rivals.

unlike FF7R Sephiroth, who stands as a physical representation of Jenova trying to reform after his breakup by Shinra scholars, KH Sephiroth exists for a different reason – it is the body of the Dark Cloud. Long before Sora used the Keyblade, Cloud relied on darkness a lot, creating Sephiroth. in KH1Claude was looking for him to fight him and free himself from his darkness, but as of KH2He goes deeper into it, and it is said that there is only one last spot of light left. Sephiroth’s motive in the series appears to be forcing Cloud to fall into darkness.

The reason Sephiroth wants Cloud to fall into the dark may be because he wants to take over the blond swordsman, something that’s already shown as much as possible in the series through Riku’s relationship with the Seeker of Darkness Ansem. In fact, it might even be easier than having an anemone own Riku, as Sephiroth specifically says he’s “in” Cloud in KH2. Currently, Sephiroth and Cloud were last seen Kingdom Hearts When the going to fight their grand final battle fades into Kingdom Hearts 2 After seeing the clouds he finds his light again.

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Compare two versions of Sephiroth

In both games, Sephiroth is placed as chips on the Cloud, but they are chips in similar ways for different reasons. Both Sephiroths act as an overwhelming presence to push Cloud to his limits, as if to say he could be just like him if he let himself fall into his dark instincts. However, the Sephiroth in FF7R It can easily be seen as more threatening than the one in KH. in remakeEven for those who know the character from the original game, Sephiroth almost seems to know what’s in store for Cloud, adding some angst to every aspect of Sephiroth. Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts You may be an actual part of the cloud and not an outside force, but the cloud seems to be more experienced in KH, and therefore more equal to its dark half. Sephiroth was also about to be overtaken by Cloud Light, judging by his reaction when he appeared.

compared to how FF7R It looks like a cloud when placed next to it KH Release, interestingly enough, Sephiroth’s situation is almost exactly the opposite. where KH The cloud has been held together more than what is depicted in it FF7R, Sephiroth has the upper hand against Cloud in FF7R, where KH Sephiroth began to retreat. unlike Kingdom Hearts Versions of these characters, the remake The releases still have at least two more games to grow from where they are now. The true power of Sephiroth has yet to be realized in the Remake project, and there is a chance for fans to experience it for themselves when the sequel Final Fantasy 7 Remake It comes out next year.

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