Crimsix, Attach many MP3 pros to declare free agency status over the years leading up to 2023 season

Many Call of Duty League players have started to announce they are officially free agents with the offseason running out. Both Crimsix and Attach, and more have revealed today they’re unrestricted free agents heading into the 2023 CDL season.

Crimsix spent 2022 with the New York Subliners preparing for the year with a successful run just by qualifying for the playoffs. PaulEhx, one of his teammates on the last iteration of the Subliners, said today that he’s a restricted free agent going into Modern Warfare 2.

Free Agent for 2023 and on.

NYSL Crimsix (@Crimsix) August 15, 2022

The four starters on the Minnesota RKKR to end the yearAttach, Standy, Priestahh and Havok will be free agents after their contract expires on Aug. 22. According to Brett Diamond, COO of the RKKR and Version1 team. We’re talking to them about the possibility of resigning at the end of the week, as we evaluate all possible options, said Diamond.

I’ll be talking with them about the possibility of resigning while we think they’re working together on a sleeve of a deal.

Brett Diamond, @ RLCS Worlds (@Diamond_Sota) August 15, 2022.

Bance announced his free agency as well as spending the last three seasons with the Toronto Ultra.

Several players who were substitutes during the 2022 season revealed their status today, including Prolute, who filled in to OpTic Texas at multiple points during the Vanguard season. The 21-year-old was thrown in to OpTics starting lineup after suffering from a thumb injury. In spite of the bad conditions, iLLeY was denied a chance to enter the starting lineup for a second.

Free Agent for the CDL 2023 Season. Thank you for everything @OpTic. I hope I can show what I can do this time from the beginning.

Byron (@theoB) August 14, 2022.

General, another alternative to OpTic Texas tweeted that he is also an unrestricted free agent, along with Los Angeles Thieves sub Pentagrxm.

The League of CFLs 2023 officially begins on Aug. 22 at 2 o’clock. This is the time when teams and players will have the right to enter agreements for the season 2023, which will be played on the forthcoming series title, Modern Warfare 2, which is a series upcoming title.

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