Destiny 2 outlines preseason shifts to various armor and weapons pieces, and adds a bit of space to several items in the armor

There isn't much more time in Season 17 of Destiny 2, but so does Bungie, and the devs are turning the balance knobs. Recent updates have highlighted some midseason changes, which were originally planned for season 18 but were not in the process of getting to the shooter ahead of schedule.

Currently, there are only one half of the remaining days in Season 17 of Destiny 2, but the devs will be all about the right part of the task. This past weekend’s news bulletin pointed out many mid-season changes which were originally planned for season 18 but instead are coming to the shooting ahead of schedule. Now get Destiny 2 out.

These adjustments include buffs to exotic weapons like added anti-champion functionality, the modification down of exotic weapons that were causing problems, and overall buffs to certain weapons archetypes such as lightweight bows, scout rifles, high-impact auto rifles and grenade launchers. The update also will make some perk changes and clarify some of the descriptions on certain perks.

Other notes that interest the weekly digest are confirmation that text chat has returned to all the shooter versions, more detail on additional balance adjustments planned for Season 18 and the usual spotlights on community created videos and artwork.

Source: Bungie website.

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