Ex Ryan Giggs yelled “Get him out of me” before hitting her in the head and then telling the sister, “I’m going to hit you next.”

RYAN Giggs’ ex-girlfriend yelled “Get him off me” before his drunken rage hit her, the court heard today.

The ex-Manchester United player then allegedly threatened to do the same to Kate Greville’s sister Emma, ​​shouting: “I’ll beat you up then.”

Ryan Giggs arrives in court in the second week of his trial


Ryan Giggs arrives in court in the second week of his trialcredit: PA
Ex-boyfriend Kate Greville, 38, claims the ex-Manchester United player subjected her to a three-year reign of terror


Ex-boyfriend Kate Greville, 38, claims the ex-Manchester United player subjected her to a three-year reign of terrorcredit: pixel8000

The ABH footballer was charged against his former partner, as well as subjecting her to three years of “controlling and coercive behaviour”.

He is also facing the beating of 26-year-old Emma.

At the start of the second week of the trial, Emma said Giggs put his hands on Kate’s shoulders during an argument and hit her in the lip “very hard”.

She told the jury that the defendant then went on to blame her for the accident at his home in Worsley, Greater Manchester.

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“Then he told me it was my fault he hit Kate in the head and he turned towards me and said ‘I’m going to hit you then’,” she said.

“[He was] very angry. I was scared that he just hit Kate, so why wouldn’t he do the same to me? “

Manchester Crown Court heard how Emma was caring for the couple’s puppy Mac on November 1, 2020, while Giggs and her sister dined at the Stock Exchange Hotel in Manchester city centre.

Emma said the PR executive was already planning to leave Giggs at a later date while he was away on tour assignments after finding alleged evidence that he cheated on her with eight women.

She said she got a call from her sister who was “upset” that they were late for dinner because Giggs “was out all day drinking.”

Later, Kate texted her: “Pack my things in the car, we’re leaving tonight,” the court heard.

Emma said her sister was “visibly upset” when she arrived and saw that she had been drinking but that she “didn’t stumble.”

Prosecutor Peter Wright asked, “Has she explained anything to you about why she was upset at the time?”

Emma replied, “She just told me she confronted him about cheating but she didn’t go into details because we have a tight schedule.

“We wanted to get out of the house.”

Giggs followed her about 15 minutes later, she said, in an “unhappy” mood, adding, “He was also very drunk.”

Emma said she retreated to a bedroom at home before later going back downstairs and seeing her sister hugging the puppy in the hallway.

“Ryan then said goodbye to the dog, he’ll never see him again,” she told the court.

“It was in a sordid way, that he had the strength, that he could keep the dog when he knew the dog was Kate.”

she was in pain

Giggs then accused Kate of taking his phone, the witness said, which she denied, picking up some of Kate’s belongings, including a handbag, and placing them in the hallway.

Emma told the court: “Ryan turned to Kate and said, ‘If I didn’t have my phone, you wouldn’t have my phone.

“Kate caught him before he did and they were in physical contact with each other.”

She left to check on the dog and when she came back she saw Giggs’ legs coming out of the “boot room” in the hallway.

She said, “I could hear the screaming, the arguing, the squabbling.

“Kate was lying on her back and Ryan was lying on her. Ryan was trying to grab Kate’s phone.

His face was in line with hers. Her legs were more bent and he was lying on top of her.

By her expression, I could tell she was in pain.

Kate said ‘get it off me’ so I put my arms around his waist, and while Kate was using her legs to push him away, I was pulling him.

“As I was dragging him, he was standing upright in the doorway.

“He turned to his right and his elbow touched my jaw and as a result she left me. Not in a nice way, it was the ‘get away from me’ way.”

I was scared that he just hit Kate, so why wouldn’t he do the same to me?

Emma Greville

Emma said she was “dismayed” and “shocked” and immediately called her parents for advice on what to do next.

She then saw her sister in the kitchen trying to retrieve her phone from Giggs’ back pocket.

She told the court: “I told Ryan ‘Just put her phone back then we’ll go’ and I also told him ‘I saw you on top of her phone holding her phone so I know you have hers’.”

“He told me ‘Liar******.’” Kate told Ryan ‘Look, I have proof.’

“He went from annoyed to very angry.

He put his hands on Kate’s shoulders and with great force he used his head to hit her on the lip.

“She fell to the ground screaming and covering her face.”

Kate told her to call the police, where Giggs pleaded with her not to do so and said “Think about my daughter, think about my career”.

She said he asked her to think about her sister’s career and that “it would be in all the papers.”

‘Very angry’

Emma said she believes her sister’s relationship with Giggs ranges from “love to distance”.

She said insults and shouting appeared in their arguments but “nothing material” until the night of November 1.

Giggs denies assaulting Kate, causing her actual physical harm and assaulting Emma.

He also pleaded not guilty to controlling and coercive conduct against Kate between August 2017 and November 2020.

Earlier, the court heard how Kate told her superiors that her bruises were caused by violent sex as they tried to block Giggs’ “extensive” emails because they were “interfering with her work.”

Kate’s PR manager Elsa Roodt – who appeared on a video link from Dubai – said Q Communications had “no other choice” but to try to prevent Giggs’ messages from bombing her after seeing marks on her arms after an incident at the Westin. in 2017.

The witness also described seeing Kate bruised her arm after an incident in February 2020.

“She said Ryan had been with her the night before in the hotel room,” Ms Roodt said.

The boss described having to stop Giggs’ emails after they started to distract Kate.

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“At one point, early in her work, we had to call our ISP to block Ryan Giggs’ email,” Ms Roodt told the court.

“It was intense and Kate couldn’t do her job. We had no other choice.”

Kate's bosses tried to block Giggs' emails because they were interfering with her work


Kate’s bosses tried to block Giggs’ emails because they were interfering with her workCredit: Reuters

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