Fans showed how modern a contemporary remake of the Midnight Club match should look like if the new version was to be made up of its original shape

People tend to improvise with the Unreal Engine 5. Until Epic Games opened the modern Unreal Engine 5, it didn't likely imagine its software was popular. It wasn't expected from game developers, who still get used to new technologies a long time ago but devotees with scepticism for limited time.

Enthusiasts continue to mess around with Unreal Engine 5.

When Epic Games opened up its modern Unreal Engine 5, it probably didn’t imagine that its software would be popular. It wouldn’t be the fault of game developers, who still are hard and long aging to new technologies, but enthusiasts with indecent free time. The TeaserPlay YouTube channel has already published almost a hundred different pseudo-remakes of cult games, today it has come to Midnight Club, an arcade racing game from Rockstar, which was released at the dawn of the 21st century.

Today, gamers nostalgic for the carefree past hope that sometime soon Rockstar will still deign to release a full-fledged official remake of Midnight Club, but until then TeaserPlay fans will still engage their subscribers by posting video in the spirit of How could this become if the remake was based on Unreal Engine 5.

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The video shows the development of new games in a very high proportion. Is this the limit of the engine or are enthusiasts simply not putting out a rhetorical question?

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