Google Doodle celebrates India’s Independence Day 2022 with a special GIF kite

India Independence Day in Google Doodle 2022: Independence Day 2022: On August 15, the search engine giant Google celebrated India’s Independence Day by drawing a special doodle on its search page. The doodles feature the flying kites that symbolize the country having achieved great heights.

Today’s Google doodles were drawn by Kerala-based guest artist Neethi.

According to Neethi, Google Doodle depicts, “the culture surrounding kites – from making beautiful, shining kites to the exhilarating experience of the community coming together. The vast expanse of sky brightly filled with flying kites is a colorful symbol of the great heights we have achieved. Animation adds dynamic GIF format and makes your doodles come to life.”

“Kites are also an outlet for artistic expression – many carry modern motifs or even social messages. I painted kites depicting our national colours, a love letter and commemorating the 75 years of India’s independence. They fly as high as skyscrapers, birds and I love to believe the sun!” , said the artist.

Google said on the doodle, “Indian revolutionaries once flew emblems of kites in protest against British rule. Since then, recreational and competitive kite flying has become one of the most popular Independence Day traditions. Indians also celebrate the day by spending time with their loved ones. and hosting cultural programs in neighborhoods and schools.

On August 15 every year, India celebrates Independence Day to commemorate independence from British rule.

People all over the country fly kites to celebrate Independence Day and that largely explains why Google chose these doodles.


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