Guillermo del Toro is ready to show you what’s inside the cabinet of curiosity

anyway Guillermo del Toro Cabinet of curiosity Started as a bound collection of the director’s nightmarish thoughts that weren’t quite ready to be investigated, each chapter of the upcoming Netflix horror anthology based on the book will tell an entire story intended to push the boundaries of the genre. While Cabinet of curiosity A del Toro kid, he’s just one of the many horror masters on their hands on the eight-episode series, and in a new feature, he’s detailed what each of his fellow directors brought to the project.

While del Toro is clearly proud of the two original stories he wrote and directed curiosity cabinet, It’s the work of fellow directors like BabadookJennifer Kent and empty manDavid Pryor who was most excited about him in the new feature. as much Cabinet of curiosity Speaking of the fantastical and sometimes harrowing sentiments that have defined del Toro’s work in particular, the feature gives you a sense of how much it encourages directors to make their stories their own. To his credit, the new video doesn’t give a whole lot about the plot of each episode and focuses more on conveying the extent of the deep angst (in a fun way) Cabinet of curiosityIt will be the first show of the fall semester.

The first two episodes of Guillermo del Toro’s intriguing cabinet It hits Netflix on October 25, with two new episodes showing every night until October 28.

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