Hogwarts Legacy Cat Quidditch would be sad, but it makes sense

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Hogwarts Legacy It is currently one of the most highly anticipated new releases, due to its aesthetics and the fact that the gameplay loop looks promisingly engaging and fun. Players can fully customize their characters, choose their home, build relationships with other characters, and explore a world inspired by them Harry PotterThe Wizarding World with a completely original story that doesn’t touch much material from J.K. Rowling’s books. Hogwarts Legacy It comes with a well-designed combat system that allows people to cast their spells and interact with the environment at the same time, creating a unique combination that will offer a great deal of freedom.

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Despite all that Hogwarts Legacy Promising to implement, the development team wasn’t talking much about Quidditch and its possible inclusion as a sport played by NPCs, or even a sport players could handle. Rumors surrounding the game claim that Quidditch will not be playable in it Hogwarts LegacyAnd while that’s a potential missed opportunity, it also makes sense for a number of reasons. Chief among these is the fact that Quidditch as a sport played in the real world changed its name to Quadball after controversies over JK Rowling.

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Why Hogwarts Legacy Cutting Quidditch makes sense

It’s no surprise that Quidditch has become a true sport to follow Harry PotterA global success that has led to the growth of a huge fan base of all ages. However, the Harry Potter The fan community is dealing with controversies regarding JK Rowling’s views of transgender people, which has led to a lot of heated controversy on social media in particular. One of the many consequences of this is that the former Major League Quidditch, now Major League Quadball, decided to change the name of the sport for copyright reasons and to distance itself from Rowling’s transphobia.

In books and movies, it’s great to see Quidditch because it’s such an innovative concept that draws from the legends about witches riding broomsticks, and it would be refreshing to see this game applied in Hogwarts Legacy. However, it also makes sense to cut it completely, as adding Quidditch with its original name or changing the name to Quadball could have a negative impact on Hogwarts Legacy and his fans by making it appear that the developers are taking a political stance.

Quidditch is not entered in Hogwarts Legacy It can also be a good thing when it comes to keeping promises you made early on, as broom sports are so complex that it can be risky. It would probably be difficult to add Quidditch to a game that already focuses so much on exploration, spelling, duels, crafting, and Hogwarts LegacyThe latest delay announcement shows that the team is already pushing itself to do an extended trial like this. Cutting out Quidditch can not only be a good strategic move to avoid the backlash surrounding series creator JK Rowling, but it also helps polish the game without weighing it down with too many features.

However, that doesn’t mean Quidditch will never be a part of Hogwarts LegacyAssuming the rumors are true. More Quidditch could come in the way if the developers wanted to add expansions, which would still cause a problem about the game’s magical name, but wouldn’t have to be dealt with at launch. As much as some fans might agonize for not including this uniquely magical sport in the game, it might just be the best – at least for now.

Hogwarts Legacy It launches on February 10 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, with a Switch version also in development.

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