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Reemworld It is a survival game that challenges players to transform a group of wrecked colonists into a safe and prosperous society. However, building a colony in a remote and hostile world is no easy feat, and players can expect to encounter anything from pirate raids to toxic fallout and heat waves to burrowing insects.

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For players who find it very difficult to build a colony in a hostile land, there is a more difficult game mode available. in ReemworldBare savagery scenario, players will start the game with a single naked colonist with no starting items. Bare savagery is an incredibly difficult challenge, and it can be impossible to complete with the wrong colonizer or biome. However, with a skilled colonist some sport ReemworldBest features, it is possible to build a colony out of absolutely nothing. This guide will aim to conquer bare feral in a standard temperate biome, which is the most tolerant of starting sites.

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The colonizer’s choice of bare brutality

Players who begin the Bare savagery scenario get to choose the unfortunate colonist from among eight randomly generated choices. When picking, it is absolutely necessary that the colonizer has certain skills. First, they must be able to perform a stupid act, because a colonizer who refuses to pick up things will not last long. Other than that, the most important skills are building, crafting, and medicine. The first two are necessary to make many tools necessary for survival ReemworldThe skill of medicine will help preserve the life of the colonizer during self-treatment.

Aside from the most important skill, a high plant skill is very useful while in a biome with a long growth window, while cooking can enhance the productivity of a hunting colony in a butcher’s area. Having steel for early weapons and tools can be very beneficial, making mining a good choice, while Social gives the colonist a better chance of expanding their colony by recruiting a captured attacker or getting good deals from Reemworlddealers.

When it comes to traits, the golden combination of Industrious and Jogger will allow the colonizer to get more done each day. Instead, a mood enhancing theme like Sanguine will help players manage the colonists’ moods Reemworld. Fast Learner is another trait that is perfect for a solo colonist, as it will allow him to quickly acquire new skills when needed. Finally, players must make sure to avoid really debilitating traits such as idiot, volatility, sloth, and cowardice.

How to survive the first nights brutally naked

The first priorities of players in Naked Brutality should be to provide the colonist with the basics of survival. This starts with a shelter, which can be quickly created by isolating one of the rubble scattered over most of the world Reemworld maps. Alternatively, players can seal off uninhabited caves to give the colonist a safe place to sleep. Next, players will need to manage the colonist’s need for food. Growing crops doesn’t require any resources, so players can start with a fast growing crop like rice right away. However, the colonizer will always have to forage and hunt in order to feed himself while waiting for the first harvest.

Hunting requires a long-range weapon Reemworld, and any colonist with Crafting 2 can make a short bow out of Wood at the Crafting site. Once equipped, the player must send his colonizer to hunt animals with 0% chance of revenge, safely collect meat for food and skin for crafts. Once players collect 60 leather pieces, they will be able to craft a Tribal Wear outfit, which will cover the essential parts and eliminate the mood penalty for being naked. Taking care of the basics of survival, the next thought for the player should be defense. Sooner or later, the colonizer will have to defend their new home, using either a threaded weapon, or one of the many melee weapons in RimWorld. Having a good weapon, and surrounding the colonist’s home with spike traps, should be enough to keep them safe so they can start recruiting new followers.

Reemworld It is now released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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