Independence Day 2022: Ticolor is raised at Edgah Maidan in Bengaluru for the first time since 1947

Tricolor was lifted on Monday for the first time since independence in Bengaluru’s controversial Idgah Maidan.

The site has been converted into a police fort with over 1,000 personnel dispatched to maintain law and order.

The flag was hoisted by Officer of North Bengaluru Sub-Division Shivana attached to the Revenue Department.

Also attending were the MLA Congress, former Minister Zamir Ahmed Khan, Bengaluru Central Member of Parliament PC Mohan and other officers.

The administration arranged 300 chairs for the audience. After the flag was raised, students from the BBMP Schools carried out cultural programs and the Revenue Department as well as the authorities of the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) divided the sweets to the public.

Confusion reigned in the building as members of the Chamarajpet Citizens Forum questioned the authorities for refusing permission to raise the tricolor because for years they had fought for the same thing.

The authorities have removed banners and placards congratulating the forum for its struggle.

The team under the supervision of Additional Commissioner West Sandeep Patil, consisting of 3 DCPs, 6 ACPs, 15 Inspectors, 50 PSIs, 30 ASIs, 300 policemen, 5 platoons of Karnataka State Police Reserve (KSRP) and 2 City Armed Police (CAR), has been Dispatch of a single platoon of the Rapid Action Force (RPF).

The BBMP announced that the land for the controversial site belonged to the Revenue Division, putting an end to confusion over property ownership.

The Waqf Council claimed ownership of the site and objected to the celebration of Hindu holidays.

The Chamarajpet Citizen forum and Hindu activists have fought for years claiming that the land is a playground and should be allowed to celebrate national occasions such as Independence Day, Republic Day and also Hindu festivals. Now, they are calling for the demolition of the Edjah Tower from the controversial site.

The Department of Revenue after acquiring ownership of the site had stated that including the Edgah Tower, everything in the building would remain as is and the site would be a stadium.

The Endowment Council claims that the BBMP’s order to transfer the land is in contravention of a Supreme Court order which states that the status quo must be preserved.

However, the BBMP maintains that sufficient time has been given to the Endowment Board to submit documents to claim ownership. Since no document was produced, ownership was handed over to the Revenue Department.

The Waqf Council has stated that it will initiate a legal dispute against the order.


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