Maggie from Apex Legends is now hard to face Gibraltar fan favorite

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The only constant in a direct service game like Apex Legends is change. New legends, new maps, new weapons, all along with updates to existing content make the battle royale shooter game look new and relevant over time. So when something remains the same for a long time, especially if that thing is a dominant legend like Gibraltar, players can expect changes sooner or later.

Since his buff in Season 3, Meltdown, Gibraltar has been one of the most highly-rated Legends. Apex LegendPlay. His passive ability on Gun Shield protects him from most frontal attacks. His protective dome is an impenetrable bubble that can give him and his team some much-needed breathing room. And in the event that enemies wished to push their luck and march through Gibraltar’s defenses, his defensive bombardment punished those who got too close. Gibraltar has been the curse of many aggressive Apex Legends players for so long that it was only a matter of time before Respawn Entertainment got one of the game’s offensive legends to deal with. That legend is Mad Magee.

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The stranger

Mad Maggie is a bit of a weird game when it comes to its abilities. The Warlord’s passive Ire allows her to run faster with guns and spot the enemies they deal damage. While it fuels her Riot Drill tactical ability (a skill that damages enemies through surfaces), Wallhacks Warlord’s Ire doesn’t last long. To reach enemies in time, players have to use Mad Maggie’s Wrecking Ball ultimate ability – a giant ball that leaves a trail of speed pads that can be used to quickly close distances.

Except for her passive ability, Mad Maggie’s abilities are all situational. Riot Drill is good for indoors and places with a lot of cover while Wrecking Ball was only good for open spaces (to take full advantage of the speed pads). Because her abilities didn’t sync up well with each other, Mad Maggie quickly fell behind in terms of legend pick rate.

Enter the new season

Season 14, The Hunt, introduces some new buffs to Mad Maggie. Its riot gear travels faster and can be deployed almost in a straight line now. The Wrecking Ball also travels twice as far while spreading the same amount of speed pads across the floor. These buffs don’t do much for Mad Maggie in general, but her biggest change has to be the Wrecking Ball’s additional ability to damage adaptable enemy objects. These include such elements as the Luba Black Market, Newcastle Castle, and most of all, the Gibraltar Protection Dome.

While the Mad Mage’s riot drill was somewhat hostile to the Gibraltar’s Indomitable Bubble, it could easily be avoided by moving to another side of the protection dome. Giving Mad Maggie’s wrecking ball the ability to completely destroy pinned objects has the ability to increase their pick rate. While the Wrecking Ball could only be used in the past as a way to run towards or away from enemies, it can now be used to dislodge campers. Teams that set up caustic nitrogen oxide traps or the Gibraltar Protection Dome now have to be wary of the incoming wrecking ball, as it can be used to clear an area of ​​traps before the enemy squad enters.

These new buffs may not make Mad Maggie a character worthy of being a meta legend, but they are a good step towards improving her group. Players who take full advantage of her abilities can feel as though the unstoppable warlord, Mad Maggie would rather be freaked out by her once sub-par skills. With more love, Mad Maggie could be a more viable option Apex Legends.

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