Mobile Lineage W earned 190,5 million dollars for the quarter. This represents a third of NCSOFTs total revenue

Korean publisher NCSOFT published a report for the April - Juun 2022. In this period, sales of the company increased 17%, at $480 million. And its net profit immediately increased from 206 % to 100,5 million. NCSOFT also disclosed quarterly sales. Here are some of them. Mobile version of Lineage W 178,5 Million dollars; Lineage M []

The Korean publisher NCSOFT has published a report for April-June 2022. During this period, sales of these companies increased by 17 %, reaching 880 millions dollars. Our net profit immediately increased to 90,5 million, with 26%.

NCSOFT also disclosed quarterly games. Below are some of them.

Rolling up mobile and made with 177,5 million dollars and roll up, mobile versions and made with 7,000 dollars; Rolling up mobile version with 207,7 million dollars and the Made with 177,3 million dollars, and the Two with an incredibly strong backing of 2 and 7.2 million dollar.

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