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sharp suits, fast cars, and a luxury home in Los Angeles; Just as the male companion Julian Kay thought he had it all, the world suddenly turned upside down. in 2014, Jerry Bruckheimer Announced plans for a 2022 TV adaptation of the new noir crime drama American Gigolo. The premiere is set on Showtime, the project was written by Neil Labot and executive produced by Bruckheimer, Jonathan LittmanAnd the Kristi Ann Reed.

Amendment 2022 from American Gigolo It is a present-day reimagining of the original movie. 15 years after his wrongful arrest and conviction, Julian Kay (John Berthal) struggles to find his place in the modern Los Angeles sex industry. On top of that, Kai navigates through his complicated relationships and tries to reconnect with his ex-lover Michelle Stratton, his troubled mother, and the people who put a knife in his back and sent him to prison. Amid his personal identity crisis, Detective Sunday believes there is a much larger criminal conspiracy and plots to uncover the truth behind the murder that put Kai in prison. Check out what’s in store for you American Gigolo With this handy guide to release date, trailer, plot, actors and more.

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How many episodes does American Gigolo have (and where can you stream them)?

As announced on June 15, 2022, American Gigolo It has been given a 10-episode arrangement. The series will be available to stream on Showtime, with new episodes released weekly.

When is the American Gigolo premiere?

American Gigolo Showtime is scheduled to premiere on September 9, 2022.

.’s first trailer American Gigolo It was released on May 31, 2022, which gave us our first look at most of the main characters. followed by a second trailerIt was released on July 14th. You can watch the latest trailer here:

Who’s the Gigolo American Cast?

American Gigolo stars john berthal Like Julian Kay, a well-paid man with an impeccable taste for fashion and a fondness for the expensive things in life. After serving 15 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, Kaye is finally out and looking for his place in the modern sex industry. Before that, Berthal was in the punisher And the the walking Dead. The show also features young Julian Kay, who is played by Gabriel Labelle.

Joining Bernthal in the cast list is Gretchen MallShe appears as Kai’s ex-girlfriend, Michelle. Rosie O’Donnell The detective plays Sunday. Other members of the main cast include Lazy Brucheret like Isabel and Leland Orser Like Richard Stratton. The series also features Wayne Brady Like Lorenzo and Laura Liguori Like Elizabeth Shannon House in recurring roles.

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Where can I watch the movie American Gigolo 1980?

Before watching the new version of TV, it wouldn’t hurt to pick up the 1980 version of a movie American Gigolo. After all, it’s the same movie that was established Richard Gere As a leading man. And let’s not forget about his famous musical score, which earned the project a nomination for a Golden Globe Award. You can watch 1980 American Gigolo Movie on Hulu.

What is American Gigolo about?

The American Gigolo The remake on TV is largely based on the 1980 film version, in which Richard Gere played Julian Kay, a Los Angeles caller who lives an extravagant life as a high-paying prostitute. He’s got it all: Giorgio Armani suits, sexy Mercedes, and a steady clientele of wealthy, old women looking to have a good time. But none of this comes without risks. When Kay is wrongly accused of a murder he didn’t commit, no one is willing to help him prove his innocence—except for the frustrated politician’s wife and unpaid bedmate, Michelle Stratton (Lauren Hutton).

1980 American Gigolo Posted by Paul Schraderfilm director blue collar And the Mishima: A Life in Four Seasons. Inspired by European art cinema, Schrader blends the more active side of sexuality and the dangers of getting rich in this crime-dramatic flick. The new artistic trend is powered by Ferdinando ScarfiottiDetailed production design, turning the film into a staple of ’80s decadence. With Gere as the leading man, American Gigolo It’s a fascinating depiction of a fun-seeking, emotionally uninvolved individual who plunges into high-end Los Angeles life with little disregard for the consequences, only to find himself unwittingly entangled in one. With any luck, hopefully the series can reclaim the same mix of magic and grit.

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More Jon Bernthal Shows You Can Watch Now

the walking Dead: When Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew LincolnHe wakes up from a coma, the last thing he expects is the apocalypse of zombies devouring the world away. Finding his family, the Grimes search the highs and lows as he battles flesh-eating people. In the end, he finds himself forming a connection with a group of survivors and helping them get through these deadly times as they all try hard to survive.

Berthal plays Shane Walsh in the hit series Zombie the walking Dead. Walsh appeared during the first two seasons of the show, and is originally Grimes’ best friend and fellow police officer. But as the series progresses, we watch Walsh fall into a dark landing, earning the title of one of the show’s main antagonists.

the punisher: After the death of his family, veteran warrior-turned-guard Frank Castle/The Punisher (Berthal) seeks revenge and punish the ruthless criminals behind the murder of his loved ones. Going to the extent of taking deadly actions, the Punisher will stop at nothing to attack the criminal underworld. the punisher is Not your average Marvel ‘superhero’. He has no robe and no superpowers. He is simply a father who has lost everything and is tortured by the cruel and dark world of torment. Berthal has been celebrated for his raw portrayal of the Punisher, exploring the character’s cause behind his pain and violence, and how his violent actions provide him with a sick sense of complacency.

We own this city: Berthal plays the role of sergeant. Wayne Jenkins in We own this city, show that follows the highs and lows of the Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Tracking Task Force. In 2015, Baltimore is experiencing a spike in riots across the city in response to the injustice towards Freddy Gray, the black man who “mysteriously” died in police custody. The show highlights corruption within the police force, a spike in drug and violent crime, and the city’s highest murder rate in 20 years. Annoyed with the sheriff’s office and the district’s FBI investigation, Jenkins and his unit are given the task of getting these guns and drugs off the street. But what the department doesn’t realize is that Jenkins has secret plans of his own.

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