Respawn returns tap strafing to Apex Legends, whuling player fear and afraid of the game

Just false alarms – everyone!

In Apex Legends, there was no tap strafing for several minutes of a disdoled terror. No 180. There aren’t any dancers around the controller. Without movement music. Nothing.

While the revolt screamed against the change, Respawn acted quickly, and Apex players should now be able to keep their hearts in mind in the game again.

We just pushed a fix for this, and we should return to normal soon. Remember, legends.

Red-spawn (or Red-spawn) August 15-2022.

The problem began as soon as possible, but in spite of the signal to the player, tapstrafing seemed nerfed, or wiped from the game entirely, or was completely unaffected, depending on your game and server’s status. For some reason, the ability to tap strafe was even completely erased for some, while others still could tap strafe in 90 degree turns, and still others could still tap strafe, just like they once were.

Many players assumed it was an intentional nerf to tap strafing and quickly realised they were unhappy with Respawn in order to make the decision to take out the movement technique without making announcement about it. Respawn was however quickly responding, telling players he tended to help sort this one out.

Because of the inconsistent nature of the changes in tap strafing, it seems that the shadow nerf is a really bad idea. All of all, the game went just a few hours without the movement tech.

While devs have previously discussed that removing tap strafing from Apex, they haven’t yet done it, although the change sounded close at times. The importance of Repawn to solve the problem with tap strafing seems to be more important for the game, or as it should be to the game itself.

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