Runeterra dev defines balance-price goals

The devil does what he says.

Legends of the Runeterra game developer Steve Rubin dropped five goals that he and the balance team have been working on over the past year in their olympics.

Balancing is an impossible process from game to game. Without any form of rotation built into the Legends of Runeterra organized play format, balancing can quickly make or break the meta. Rubin has helped the team to measure patch success better by solving the entire game. Rubin scored five best patch on Twitter that his team thought was the best for each balance update.

I’ve been pushing this year for us to measure patches success more with the overall metagame disruption.Which means more nerfs extending beyond decks that are clear overperformers in our data.Here are my thoughts in brief on how the best patch outcomes are and what we should focus on:

Steve Rubin (@RubinZoo) August 14, 2022

The core of the five goals is at the time of a balance patch. Some are harder to beat but can give what players want to perform in a digital card game with a proper execution.

  • Creates new toolkits. Expanded teamwork in multiplayer. The new meta loop offers an unlimited set of playable decks according to Rubin. Eventually, the most believable deck becomes the meta in time.
  • Disabling between archetypes and regions is an absolute challenge in creating diversity in each area. In other words, the most complicated challenge is to understand the importance of diversity.
  • Modernizing never meta champions and archetypes brings players crafting decks with champions that never get played. According to Rubin, it gives LoR devs confidence when making new champions.
  • Revert previous changes: Reverting old nerfs is a simple way of avoiding the meta, says Rubin. The trick is not to give an old meta a top-tier status that was nerfed for that reason.
  • Updates from a patch create new decks within the meta. The changes should be meant to bring freshness while not making it intotoxicatory. This kind of change happens often when it comes to new content. Regardless, there are also some more that can arise from new content.

After patch 3.13, players will notice a number of nerfs and buffs that fit into the 5 goal lists. Although there are still bad patches, there are sometimes hotfixes needed for each other (like for Kennen/Ahri). Together, these five goals provide a solid strategy that keeps LoR fresh and fun to play with the balance patches while providing space for experimentation and new designs.

Players can check Every Legends of Runeterra balance change and the new meta it will likely bring about when Patch 3.13 comes in on Aug. 17th.

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