Ryan Giggs told ‘ex’ his boss’ bruises were from violent sex as he bombarded her with so many emails they tried to block’

RYAN Giggs’ ex-girlfriend told her bosses that her bruising was due to violent sex while trying to block “extreme” emails, the court heard today.

Kate Greville, 38, alleges the ex-Manchester United player subjected her to a three-year sentence of terror in which he used “controlling and coercive behaviour”.

Ryan Giggs bombarded his ex-girlfriend with so many emails his employer tried to block him, court heard


Ryan Giggs bombarded his ex-girlfriend with so many emails his employer tried to block him, court heardcredit: PA
Kate Greville, 38, claims the ex-Manchester United player subjected her to a three-year reign of terror


Kate Greville, 38, claims the ex-Manchester United player subjected her to a three-year reign of terrorcredit: pixel8000
The court heard how Kate tried to block "capacitor" Emails from Giggs because she was "interfering with her work"


Court heard how Kate tried to block ‘extensive’ emails from Giggs because they ‘interfering with her work’credit: PA

As the second week of his trial began, the court heard how its superiors tried to block Giggs’ emails because they were “interfering with her work.”

Elsa Rodt, head of Kate’s public relations firm – which appeared on a video link from Dubai – said Q Communications “has no other choice” but to try to prevent Giggs’ messages from being bombarded.

Ms Roodt also said she noticed Kate bruised both arms the morning after an accident with Giggs at the Westin in 2017.

But Kate said the signs were of “violent sex” after an argument.

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Ms. Roodt started the PR firm Q Communications in Dubai with Ms. Greville’s college friend Katie Harvey around 2010.

Then Kate was hired to help set up their office in Abu Dhabi in 2016.

Roodt was asked by Attorney General Peter Wright QC about seeing Kate the day after an accident with Giggs at the Westin in 2017.

She said Ms. Greville had bruises on her arm and “was crying”. Kate told her that the pair had been arguing in the hotel room.

“I asked her how she got the bruise and she said after arguing that they had ended up having rough sex and the bruising was the result,” Ms Roddt said.

The witness also described seeing Ms. Greville bruised her arm after an accident in February 2020.

“She said Ryan had been with her the night before in the hotel room,” Ms Roodt said.

The boss described having to stop Giggs’ emails after they started to distract Kate.

“At one point, early in her work, we had to call our ISP to block Ryan Giggs’ email,” Ms Roodt told the court.

“It was severe and Kate couldn’t do her job.

“He was interfering with her work and we had no other choice but to try and block his email.”

Ms Roodt said Kate was “so bubbly, so happy” when she first started working at Q Communications.

Ms Roodt added that over time, Kate began to be “very distracted” and appeared “more anxious”.

Kate became busy answering her phone and “being there at all times”.

The court heard that Kate is currently a managing partner in the UK branch of Ms Roodt’s business.

Giggs, 48, denies using controlling and coercive behavior against Ms. Greville, assaulting her, causing actual physical harm and common assault on her younger sister.

Last week, the court heard that Giggs threw a laptop bag over his ex’s head and kicked her so hard that she fell off the bed.

Kate alleged that Giggs attacked her at the luxurious Stafford Hotel in London in December 2019.

In her testimony, Kate said the footballer “thrown a bag on my head with a computer inside, causing swelling and bruises on my head.”

She also alleged that Giggs kicked her out of bed and threw her out of a hotel room naked in the alleged attack, leading to the former midfielder’s arrest.

During cross-examination, attorney Chris Dow QC asked Giggs’ attorney if Kate was “trying to make everything look as bad as possible.”

She replied, “No, it happened 100 percent.”

He also questioned the PR director about the texts exchanged between the couple the next day about how hungry he was.

“Cycle of Abuse”

Kate also thanked Giggs for coming to pick her up, saying she was “so beautiful” of him.

Mr. Dao said, “This was the day after you claimed he violently assaulted you and reading these letters, we didn’t even get any hint of it.”

Kate responded, “It made me feel like it was my fault, it made me feel insecure and it made me feel like I couldn’t have a problem with what happened because it was my fault.”

She also told how living with Giggs in lockdown was “absolute hell” but claimed at that point that she was in a “circle of abuse”.

In her earlier testimony, Kate told how she became “a slave to all his needs and every demand.”

“He made me feel I had to do what he said, or else there were consequences,” she added.

Kate said she was in a “vulnerable” situation when their relationship began and claimed Giggs “manipulated her”.

She also told jurors that the footballer “isolated me from certain people” and “interfered with my ability to interact with my family.”

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In another alleged incident of violence in Dubai in September 2017, Kate alleged that she was pulled naked from her hotel bed and dragged across the lounge suite when she said something she “didn’t like”.

She said she bruised her arm when she was forced to retrieve her belongings from the hotel corridor while she was naked.

Kate's bosses tried to block Giggs' emails because they were interfering with her work


Kate’s bosses tried to block Giggs’ emails because they were interfering with her workCredit: Reuters

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