Saints Row Steam release date confirmed

Saints Row Steam Release Date Confirmed

If you’ve been hoping to replay Saints Row on Steam, you’ll be glad to know that there’s finally a release date.

While Saints Row returns with a reboot in 2022, players on PC only have one storefront to choose from. That’s because Saints Row is launching exclusively on the Epic Games Store for PC.

Not many players would mind it, but there are a few players who would rather have all their games on Steam. Unfortunately, you will have to wait a little longer after the August 23 release date.

Will Saints Row start a restart?

Currently, the Steam release date for Saints Row Reboot is 2023.

This release window was shared by the developers on the official Saints Row Twitter account. When a player asked when the new Saints Row game would arrive on Steam, the developers simply said “2023.”

Unfortunately, this is the only information we have right now until an official date has been announced. However, we can make assumptions based on previous Epic Games Store exclusives.

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On average, the Epic Games Store usually keeps games exclusively for one year. But this is not true in every game. Some of the games are exclusive for six months, and some have not yet made it to Steam.

For example, Borderlands 3 was exclusive to the Epic Games Store for six months, while games like Control, Metro Exodus, and Ashen were exclusive for 12 months. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has seen just three months of exclusivity.


We think it’s safe to assume that Saints Row will see a release on Steam one year after its official launch. However, as soon as an official release date is announced, we will update this article to reflect it.

If you can’t wait, we recommend checking out all of Saints Row’s releases, including any bonuses that may come with it!

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