Skyrim players share the most memorable cases of Lydia’s death

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Players of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim share notable memories of the death of Lydia, one of the Dragonborn’s companions in the game.

There are many NPCs that players can encounter during the adventure The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. These NPCs can be found in many towns and cities scattered throughout Tamriel. Some of them play a central role in the main story or many side quests in Skyrim, while others can be recruited by the Dragonborn as a companion. One of these characters is Lydia and Skyrim Players have recently gone online to share their most memorable memories of the death of a comrade they experienced.

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many in Skyrim The community will likely remember that facing Lydia is one of the first few Dragonborn experiences in recruiting comrades in the game. Lydia can be obtained as a companion either by completing the main quests in Whiterun and transforming into Thane, or by purchasing Skyrim Breezehome house in the same city. Being one of the first companions that the player can bring on their adventures, Lydia can be quite memorable for the RPG fan base.

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On Reddit, Lydia recently became a topic of conversation when user Vulcan813 asked about fellow gamers’ experiences with the buddy, specifically her death. In an RPG, the guys in Skyrim They can die and be lost forever, unless players use a certain technique to make them invincible or revive them. With many players wanting to share their memories of Lydia and their experiences with the death of the companion, the Reddit thread has already garnered over 3,600 comments as of the time of writing.

Some comments on the forum describe that Lydia died in several caves in it SkyrimOthers stated that she was killed by a giant while traveling. A commenter told a hilarious story of Lydia being screamed to death by Greybeard when the player accidentally used Dragon Shout on one of the shrouded NPCs. Other comments on the topic talked about leaving Lydia in their Breezehome home to take care of the place, while others do basically the same except they chose to move her to another of their owned homes in Skyrim.

Lydia is only one of many comrades players can recruit Skyrim. There are many others that Dragonborn can take on their RPG adventures. However, the NPC seems to have an important place in the minds and hearts of society. Hopefully players will continue to talk about it Skyrim companions. Many fans will probably have remarkable and funny memories of the other NPCs present in the game.

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