The most interesting treasure hunt missions in the game

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Full of quests, from the all-encompassing main mission to the various monster contracts scattered across the continent. This is more than enough to keep the players entertained. However, there are also a number of treasure hunting missions scattered across regions Witcher 3.

Treasure hunts are often straightforward quests that lead Geralt to hidden loot caches with little associated knowledge. Although the player is equipped with new equipment or a large amount of crowns, these Witcher 3 Quests are among the slowest in the game – often because they simply require the player to read a note and then use Geralt’s Witcher’s senses to conveniently find nearby treasure. However, there are a few treasure hunt missions that stand out from the rest.

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Scavenger Hunt: Cat School Equipment

scavenger games in Witcher 3 It is a special kind of treasure hunt because it rewards players with Witcher equipment blueprints for each known school. However, the hunt for Cat School Equipment is without a doubt one of the most memorable treasure hunts as it forces Geralt to face another Witcher – Mad Kiyan of Witcher 3.

While Geralt searches for sketches of the feline school of the Witcher, he finds an ancient laboratory hidden beneath the Temple Isle of Novigrad in Witcher 3. There, he must defeat the insane Witcher and plunder the armor schemes from his body. Further investigation reveals that Witcher Kiyan has been kidnapped by a wizard named Ireneus var Steingard, who then brings him to an underground facility to perform cruel experiments, testing the limits of the Witcher’s endurance. In the end, the torture drove Kian to madness.

The Secret Life of Count Rumili

Treasure hunt “The Secret Life of Count Romilly” (plus “A Dark Legacy”) is a quest available in Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone Expansion. Although it follows the same format as most treasure hunts, the disturbing story behind the mission sets it apart from the rest. Deep in Deadwight Wood, Geralt may stumble across the ruins of Arnskrone Castle, once the home of the Romilly family.

If the player reads the notes inside the castle ruins, he will find that Count Rumeli was a gruesome man who earned his fortune by ransoms for kidnapped children. He and his band of villains would capture the sons and daughters of prominent families, agreeing to return them if the affected party bombed up to 1,000 crowns.

However, problems arose when it was revealed that one of the children had been tagged with an A . Witcher 3 lichen. The forest beast killed many of Count Rumeli’s men, and only when the distinguished child killed himself did Leshen stop his attacks. Then the count left the castle, and by the time Geralt arrived, the place was in ruins. However, the old revolver still patrolled the ground.

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Royal Air Force

One of the most humorous missions in the game is a treasure hunt in the Royal Air Force. Available through Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone expansion, begins when the player finds an account ledger amidst the ruins of the Vikk Watchtower. The book details the arrival of a man named Nicholas Vogel, who rented part of the tower and used the space to raise the bird. Vogel argued that these bulldozers could be trained and would soon become the Ahmarani Air Force.

Unfortunately for him, the training was not very good. Although these creatures were “cute” (as Vogel described them) as little ones, they quickly became ferocious—literally biting off feeding hands, and then some. It wasn’t long before Vogel noticed that some of his aides were missing. And in the end, someone ended up opening all the cages of the sheep, freeing the monsters. When Geralt arrived on the scene, the watchtower was already in disarray, with dozens Witcher 3 Harpy inhabits the area.

Applied Psychology

An “applied scavenger hunt” is part of Witcher 3 Blood and Wine is one of the smartest missions in the game. In it, Geralt finds the remains of a self-proclaimed escape artist. Their job entails imprisonment and then an immediate escape, noting how they managed to get out of the prison facility.

Unfortunately, the escape artist’s last job happened in Witcher 3 Toussaint prison. There, he heard tales about the elves’ treasure hidden under the water to the south of the prison. However, in his quest for the treasure, the escape artist eventually died. When Geralt tries to claim the elven treasure, he must first find the key somewhere in the way of the escape world’s exit and then locate the elven ruin where the treasure is hiding.

But other than that, how did you enjoy playing it?

In Toussaint’s Seidhe Llygad amphitheater, Geralt can stumble across the remains of a woman and her diary. He reveals that the woman was once a student at the Imperial Dramatic Academy and was in the desolate amphitheater to play her part. However, something terrible went wrong, which led to her death.

This treasure hunt is not as straightforward as the rest as it requires the player to reenact the performance of the young woman. Doing it correctly will result in the appearance of the Phantom of the Amphitheater, a spooky ghost Witcher 3 Which was represented when the place was still active. Her defeat and further investigation reveals that the ghost died due to being poisoned by a jealous rival. And so, her soul found no rest and began to haunt the runway, forbidding anyone to use it again—at least, until Geralt stepped in.

This was among the most memorable treasure hunts in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Therefore, it seems that not all treasure hunts are cut and dry. Some carry more interesting stories than others. It’s just a shame that those standards overshadow the few who shine, but maybe Witcher 4 It can improve these treasure hunting missions.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Now available on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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