The NFL Blitz is back – and this time it has online multiplayer

“I hate to say it that way, but it’s good bragging rights,” said Scott Batrash. “This is by far the best thing we’ve done in so many different ways.”

Bachrach, who’s joined on a Google Meets video call by four (Count ’em!) PR assistants, is having a superstar sports moment. His company, Arcade1Up, which makes and sells vintage-sized arcade cabinets for the local market, is making a triumphant run. Having started with modest ambitions in 2018, Arcade1Up today has sold over 3 million units. “We control 96.5% of the existing market,” he told Digital Trends.

The news Bachrach buzzed about today, which explains the “We Go to Disney World” swagger, is that Arcade1Up is announcing its debut NFL Blitza game that Patrash says his team has been pleading with since day one.

test ground

NFL Blitz, which debuted in arcades in late 1997, isn’t the biggest arcade game ever. (Arcade1Up already makes home versions of truly Heavy hitters like backmanAnd the space invaders And the Super Street Fighter II). However, the fact that Bachrach has managed to win the support of the NFL, one of the most powerful sports organizations in the world, is a serious cause for celebration.

“To go into the NFL at first, we had to prove ourselves for a while first,” Baatrash said. “[But] In the wake of [the kind of success we experienced]Those conversations started happening.

New Arcade1Up Locker NFL Blitz arcade

and while NFL Blitz She may not have broken financial records, she did a great job at a time when arcades were already on their way out of the popular consciousness.

In the year in which it was issued, [NFL Blitz generated $650 million – in 1997 money,” Bachrach continued. “I think that’s a testament to the quality of the game that it actually drew fans back into arcades to play it. While the arcade industry itself was [moving] in a different direction, NFL Blitz It was really one of those games that gave her a shot in the arm. It made people angry.”

Professional wrestling meets professional football

There’s another reason why Arcade1Up’s news is so impressive. NFL Blitz She amassed a huge crowd of fans at its launch thanks to her brutal arcade style of football. Pick where games like NBA Jam left careless, NFL Blitz She took the brand name and aesthetic for her sport, to quote Spinal tapCrank everything up to 11.

“We think this is like a road runner,” said Jane Goldberg, vice president of consumer products for the NFL. in time. “[NFL Blitz] Not what happens when the players [really] in the field. This is a cartoon.”

Cabinet NFL Blitz Arcade

The difference between, for example, NBA Jam And the NFL Blitz is what a cartoon means for their sports. Turn the NBA into a cartoon and you’ll have a family friendly crowded place. Turn the NFL into a cartoon and you’ll have World Wrestling Entertainment – complete with German suplexes and “Macho Man” Randy Savage elbow drops.

When Bachrach said that NFL Blitz It irritates people, he’s not joking. Many of these people were hired by the NFL, which at the time seemed less happy than presenting their sport as an inflated demolition derby. as one vice Retroactively NFL Blitz It states that some brutal parts of the game that essentially push the boundaries have been smuggled into the game. despite NFL Blitz Staying on hold for a few years (helped, no doubt, Scrooge McDuck vaults in the quarters helping pull), it didn’t take long for the NFL to correct course.

So the Arcade1Up that managed to re-release a home arcade game is a minor miracle.

football time machine

As with previous cabinets, NFL Blitz It will pack many titles into one device – with the original NFL Blitzalong with the sequel NFL Blitz ’99 And the NFL Blitz 2000: Gold Edition.

Besides Hail Marys, interceptions, and sacks to remember, the games cater to hundreds of original players – including Dan Marino of the Miami Dolphins, Jerry Rice of the San Francisco 49ers, Deion Sanders of the Denver Broncos, and Cris Carter of the Minnesota Vikings and others. There’s also a neat update in the form of online play, which means that – for the first time ever – Blitz Arcade players can compete online against other locker owners via Wi-Fi multiplayer and leaderboard.

New Arcade1Up Locker NFL Blitz arcade

However, there is one slight change, Patrash acknowledges. One of the most controversial aspects of the original text NFL Blitz It was the presence of late strikes that allowed the players to flock to each other after the whistle blew. Those are now excluded from the game; The decision was prompted by the NFL, which felt they conveyed the wrong message regarding the players’ health and safety.

“The only thing we’ve taken out, at the request of the NFL, is what’s referred to as late strikes,” Patrash said. “But excluding the late scores, that’s all you remember about the games.”

Deciding whether the entire package will live up to the hype will take a few more months. Pre-orders for NFL Blitz Legends It starts today at, and the device itself will be available for sale this fall for $600. Branded seats representing each NFL team are also available for $80 each.

Landing recording

Can Arcade1Up continue its incredible growth against odds? Last year saw 80% growth in sales compared to the previous year, which was already great? That remained to be a sight. In an age when most of the games Arcade1Up offers can be played comfortably on our smartphones, and physical media disappear into a horrific clip, the idea of ​​building a company of physical identical arcade machines for homes seems illogical. But, well, it also works. “It’s 1,000% about the emotional connection,” Batrach said.

And never let it be said that the company is aiming for decline. “The NFL, for me, is up to everyone,” he continued. “In the United States today, there are 120 million families. We think our machines belong to 120 million families. That is our mission. If you look at the NFL, at the broad demographics that they have — males, females, seniors, smaller families — then Our devices fit perfectly in that sweet spot.”

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