Turbo Golf Racing: the toughest urban races, ranked

The Snake, Hyper Flight Path, And Terminal 19 In Turbo Golf Racing

Turbo Golf Racing Mixes futuristic racetracks, golf and Rocket LeagueTurbo-style cars for fast-paced multiplayer fun and chaos. In single mode format Turbo Golf Racing Players must achieve four stars to open the online lobby, and the races are divided into 3 types: urban, industrial, and wild. Each category contains 12 races that players can unlock by completing races and achieving stars based on total time performance, with three stars unlocked in each race.

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races in Turbo Golf Racing They often give players multiple courses to choose from, but all of them have features that either help or hinder the player, from charged loops to traditional golf-style sandpits, not forgetting the fact that there are little or no sides to prevent players from falling-out of the boundary in the truthMario KartRainbow Road Racetrack Style. Getting to know each level can be the key to success, with some races being easier or harder to navigate than others.

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12 Beginner friendly – electric street

Electric Avenue is the number one race in the Urban race group, so it’s no surprise that it’s the most beginner-friendly and the easiest to get all three stars. It’s a short corner with booster loops and platforms for players to pick up speed, with minimal obstacles in the form of sand pits and grassy areas slowing players down.

It’s a good introductory map to help new players on board and get them used to the main features of the races, so players can complete and replay very quickly to achieve those coveted pink stars.

11 Two-track option – Overdrive HQ

Overdrive HQ is the second race in the urban set and the first to give players a decision on which path to take by choosing left or right. Whichever path players choose, they can simply follow the arrows that circle the ocean on their journey with the goal of reaching the end.

There are more hurdles to this race than Electric Boulevard, which increases the overall challenge slightly, including a large sandpit with a central reinforcement rod, larger grass areas, and boulders on corners that shouldn’t cause too many problems for players.

10 Central abbreviation – Eye in the Sky

The large central shaft with a reinforcing ring cut into the center like an eye opening stands out in this third race. It’s the first race that can cause some confusion for the players, as when the players release the ball into this hole through one of the lower reinforcement rings, the ball travels through the eye and is released straight to the other side of the race, in short style. .

Players can boost across the eye and then press X while they’re airborne on the Xbox controller to slide or they can press select to reset the ball if it gets lost or out of bounds.

9 Many Obstacles and a Slope of Heaven – Sky Bridge

The fourth race in the urban group, Skybridge is the first race in the urban classification to include stairs, although it follows a similar corner race shape that resembles Electric Avenue and is much larger.

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Players can try to use boost rings to push their balls forward and up the ramp if possible, but the jump is hard to time and easy to hit. There are also a lot of rocks and trees in this race which can get in your way and make it hard to hit 22 seconds of hard time.

8 Tunnels and Trees – Twisted Garden

Twisted Garden is the fifth urban race and gives players the option to drive through the massive purple tube or follow the winding path to the left. The tube option is faster and makes use of sides to prevent players or the ball from getting out of bounds, but has purple trees for dribbling inside.

Near the end, a pink sloping area surrounds the hole, slowing players down, but this can be useful if players get past the ball and need a sharp stop.

7 Saab Tunnel – Building No. 19

Terminal 19 is the 6th urban race but it doesn’t quite fit in the top 5 because it is very simple with a main left road. The interior of the roofed central station can be a challenge because it has large areas of sand that are hard to avoid and slow cars down. However, players can press A to jump and then A again on the Xbox console to dash forward or alternatively try to flip it.

The race is also more challenging than previous races because it’s easy for the ball to get out of bounds, especially when navigating the corners.

6 Flying heights and tunnels – Ball Falls

Ball Falls almost makes the top five for difficulty as the first part of the race can be challenging, but the second part is a breeze in this seventh race. At first, it is difficult to shoot the ball along the straight central path, and most players fall to the lower level, where they have to pass obstacles to the flight tunnel.

Once players travel through the tunnel and fly out, it’s pretty much a straight line to the finish with a chance to hit the ball through a floating reinforcement ring for a quick finish.

5 Rocky Guardians and Flying Shortcut – Rocket Ramp

Rocket Ramp is the eleventh unlockable race and gives players a choice of two routes. The smaller left circle is more difficult to navigate but is well worth doing as it leads players to a fast flight path that is marginally faster than taking a right turn.

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The hardest part of this race is getting past the five boulders in front of the finish point, as it’s easy to hit the ball or the player’s car and waste time. Players can aim towards the back rings for a faster finish.

4 Turbo track and zigzag corners – Snake

The Snake is the last race in the urban group, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the hardest. There’s a great center boost cushion going around the entire track which players can try to stay on for maximum speed, but this can make it difficult to keep the ball in bounds, especially when turning corners.

At the edge of the track are a set of booster rings through which players can shoot the ball to move it circularly and directly into a hole domino pattern. It’s a test of control and speed but generally a fast race that shouldn’t present players with many problems.

3 Hills hike – elevator 7

The Elevator 7 is named for the giant, transparent and futuristic lift that dominates the middle of the track. Although players only need to decide whether to go left or right through two possible paths, the very hilly terrain has many trees and sandpit obstacles to avoid, as well as ramps, booster platforms, and loops to navigate.

Near the end, the level drops which can surprise players, players also need to be precise with their shots to avoid hitting the ball out of bounds.

2 Curves & Twisted Tunnels – Inner City Circuit

The Inner City Circle is the ninth race on the urban roster and it’s a tough race, taking second place with its challenging snake-circle angles and ramps. In the middle of the race, there are three reinforcement rings, and players must choose which one to fly through but first the ball must be hit accurately in one that is easier said than done.

Near the end, there are eight huge pillars of bricks surrounding the finishing touch, so players need to be careful when shooting to avoid wasting valuable time trying to get around them.

1 Speed ​​and accuracy – hyper-flying corner

Hyper Flight Corner is the #1 difficulty spot as a test of speed, flight and accuracy in the toughest arguably tenth race of the urban set. Players must navigate tight corners and fly through and out of two long tunnels using their flying skills, plus it can be difficult to hit the ball accurately through giant golf balls.

Players can use the booster rings at the end of the race to try to throw the ball at the end in the booster sequence.

Turbo Golf Racing Now available on Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One, and PC.

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