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After a long period of early access of more than two years, Obsidian Entertainment has become a survival game grounded It is finally set for release next month. The game proved to be a huge hit during its early access period, attracting millions of players. To celebrate the second anniversary of the game’s early access release, director Adam Brennick tweeted this groundedThe full release date will be September 27 for PC and Xbox.

Anyone familiar Baby I shrunk the boysThe popular Disney movie released in 1989 will instantly recognize the introduction to this game. While the game may not feature actor Rick Moranis, it bears a striking resemblance to the movie. Waking up in the middle of a huge forest, the player quickly realizes that he has shrunk to the size of an ant. The player is tasked with surviving in this experience by searching for food and water while trying to avoid various dangers posed by the backyard, including spiders, which act as predators in the garden, and many other insects. full version of grounded It’s set to be the biggest game update ever and it should come with a wealth of new content.

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Grounded full version is big updates

In a tweet from Obsidian, the team confirmed that a full version update is on the way to be groundedThe best update yet, it’s set to be “full of new surprises and puzzles.” Shrinked in the first place, and due to be revealed, as well as exactly how the player is expected to reverse the situation and escape the arena before returning to full size – if that is indeed the desired outcome.

Players have deliberated about the overarching plot for a while now, and are eager to see what happened to cause the downturn in the beginning, so knowing that the game will have an epilogue of some sort will be very satisfying for many sick fans who have been playing the Early Access version, some for more than two years. In fact, the fact that grounded Finally, early access will be welcome news for some who may have begun to wonder if it ever will.

In addition to the story conclusion, Update 1.0 will also contain several other major updates, including a new area of ​​the map, titled Upper Yard, a new boss for Giant Mantis, and new weapon and armor recipes. Obsidian has constantly updated the game with new content during Early Access, and has gained a loyal player base, not only because of how much fun the game is, but also because of its dedication to constantly improving the experience with feedback and corrections. It will be interesting to see if Obsidian now devotes more of his attention to the upcoming title He confessedTo make it one of the following titles to be released by the developer.

Not only is a full game release on the horizon, with a strong player base already, but it’s also been confirmed grounded She gets her own TV show, led by Brent Friedman. Friedman’s previous work Star Wars: Clone WarsFamous animated series. Not many details are known about the show, but it should follow a plot similar to the game, in which a group of youngsters are reduced to the size of insects and have to contend with the dangers of a treacherous backyard. The future looks very bright for Obsidian’s survival game, and now is a great time for new players to check it out, if they haven’t already.

grounded It launches on September 27 for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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