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Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers league.Amazon Prime Video a gang of their own, A reboot of the 1992 film of the same name, it follows the inaugural season of the women’s baseball team, the Rockford Peaches. Set in the year 1943, this season not only shows the formation of the All-American Girls’ Professional Baseball League and the story of the underdog Rockford Peaches, but also tells the story of Maxine “Max” Chapman (Shante Adams), a talented pitcher who dreams of playing professional baseball, but struggles to find a team due to the racism and sexism prevalent in this period.

This season, we’ve seen the Peaches struggle to find a foothold as a team. They had to deal with conflicting personalities within the team and a coach who doesn’t take them seriously as athletes. But despite all the obstacles in their path, these women find a way to meet and qualify for the league championship.

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Carson and Max Friendship

Carson sees season finale as ‘perfect game’ (Abby Jacobson) and rekindled Max’s friendship. Share a beer and celebrate Max’s new job, while also sympathizing with how she has grown into her quirky identities. Carson still shows some reluctance to embrace this path, especially given how brutal Joe (Melanie Field(He was dealt with by the police when they raided an underground gay bar and how this event prompted Greta)Darcy Cardin) to return to conceal her identity. But Carson can also feel how free and happy Max feels to live her baseball dreams while also being able to be with a woman who takes care of her. It’s a future that Carson wishes for, but she doesn’t know if it’s even possible for her. After this heartfelt moment, they ended the night with one last game.

lifetime opportunity

In the previous episode, “Full Count,” Max discovers that the baseball team, Red Wright’s All-Stars, not only has a black woman serving as his bartender, but also the same woman Max danced with at her Uncle Bertie’s house (Leah Robinson) Party the night before. In the beginning, Max and Esther (Andia WinslowA tense reunion, but during an All-Stars match against The Screws, Esther faked an injury to give Max a chance to show off her skills. Max stuns the crowd, and is the All Stars coach, and is offered a job offer for the team, along with Esther, later that night. On “Perfect Game,” Screws’ coach and her factory buddy finally agreed to let her talk about their practices, but Max satisfactorily told him she had a better showing elsewhere.

Greta also receives a dream job offer from Vivienne Hughes to come to work in her New York office during the recession. Greta takes the job and asks Carson to come with her on their last night, though neither of them are sure how it will work out.


Peaches starts the end of the season after having already lost the first two games of the championship series to the Blue Sox. Carson cringes and worries she can’t be the coach the team needs right now. They’re players – Joe was traded to the Blue Sox after she got caught – and thanks to her husband Charlie (Patrick JSudden arrival, Carson struggles to tap into the self-confident energy she’s been building all season. Having tried (and failed) to strengthen the team with Charlie’s advice, Greta helps Carson get her mindset back to where it needs to be. Carson asks Charlie to go home so she can focus on the team, not him, and what he thinks of her new lifestyle. In the locker room the next morning, Carson finds herself again and gives a rousing speech that brings the team together before they head out for their last practice. They all sign their names on a wooden pole in the center of the room, so that no matter what happens, everyone will remember who the first peaches were and what they accomplished. After everyone heads off to practice, Carson faces Shirley (Kate Berlant) for the first time since Joe was exposed and Shirley discovered her secret. Carson asks her to stop being afraid and start living her life.

The Peaches go on to win games 3 and 4 of the series, forcing them to have a fifth game against the Blue Sox. In their last confrontation, the Blue Sox proved to be tough opponents – the match tied in the last half. During the final in the ninth inning, Jo pulled off a home win and was ready for a Blue Sox victory. But when Joe begins clearing the bases, she first stumbles and exacerbates the injury she sustained when she was unjustly beaten by the police. Greta and Carson run to help her, but she can’t stand alone. According to the rules, she has to cross the home board, without the help of her teammates, or they have to lose the match. However, since Greta, Carson, and the rest of the Peaches are not technically her teammates, they are quick to help Joe make her way around the diamond to the house. This show of support received thunderous applause from the stands as fans of the Blue Sox and the Peaches gather to show their love for Jo and the Peaches. At that moment, no matter what peaches they lost, all they care about is helping their friend.


Before Max leaves with the All-Stars, she tries to help her friends and family prepare for her absence. She helps Clans (Gbemisola icomelo(I am looking for a roommate to help her pay for the house, even her husband, Jay)Aaron Jennings), returns from the war. Max Clans loves to dine with her parents for the first time since cutting her hair and leaving her mother’s salon to work at the factory, but she also convinces her to send her comics to her favorite newspaper, The Defender. During dinner, Max’s father, Edgar (Alex Desert), excited for her and her mother, TonySidon Arca Akolauna), begins by honoring Max’s new haircut. Things seem fine at first, but Max still feels that her mother is unhappy with her choices. Tony tries to show Max how tough her family is about things and convince her that running the salon is the only way she can find strength in the world as a single black woman. On the other hand, Bertie offers a more supportive goodbye by telling Max where to find strange allies while on the road and assuring her that following her heart and dreams is not a bad thing. But at the same time, Bertie does what her mother was trying to do, in her own way, warning her not to trust others as her true self. Max’s final goodbye with Clans full of tears and “I love you” – Clans knows this is only the beginning for Max and that she will likely find something bigger and better after the season is over. After Max contacts Clans briefly from the road in Rice Lake, Minnesota, we learn that Clans is pregnant and is counting on Tony for support in the absence of Max and Guy.

Before the final match of the tournament, Shirley reconciles with Carson in a strange way of her own which involves eating food from scattered cans and kissing Carson to prove that she is not gay. During the team’s last night together, Beverly (Del Dickey) return the money that jess )Kelly McCormack) paid her for fines for wearing pants in public, showing a rare glimpse into the softer side of Beverly that we hope will be explored further if their own league It is being picked up for another season. This moment shows that maybe Beverly isn’t just a prank to run the league, but that she cares deeply about these women, too.

The next morning, Carson tries to find Greta for one last goodbye, but is briefly stopped by Mabel (Molly Ephraim) before she can chase Greta out the door. Maybelle credits Carson for her self-growth and not being the same person she was when the team was first formed. Carson is discretionary, but if anything is fueled by this validation, she needs to find Greta. Once out, Carson pulls Greta around the side of the house and they share one last kiss before Carson tells her she can’t go to New York with her, but she won’t be coming home to Charlie either. Carson thanks Greta for changing her life, and Greta thanks Carson for helping her open up again. After Greta walked away, Carson turned around to see Charlie standing there with the flowers. While it’s not clear just how much interaction he witnessed, his appearance of utter devastation means he saw or heard part of Carson and Greta’s farewell. Carson seems equally surprised, because Charlie promised her he’d come home so she could focus on the championship.

Although Greta and Carson don’t seem to have the same happy ending as Max and Esther, they end their relationship as friends and with deep respect and admiration for each other. On the other hand, Carson and Charlie’s relationship is on more shaky ground than it was when the season first started. As cute as Charlie sounds, Carson has clearly grown a lot in her time away from him and found something that eventually makes her feel whole. If we get another season, we hope Carson still feels strong enough to do what’s best for her, even though the non-confrontational escape plan may have felt a lot easier to deal with than having to confront Charlie in person. Fingers crossed too so Max can live her best female love life in baseball given the inner turmoil she’s been through this season.

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