George A. Romero Theme Park has received a digital release on Blu-ray and DVD

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after 46 years George A. Romero He completed his psychological horror in 1975 amusement parkThe movie once lost will finally come home. After a 4K re-release and re-released by IndieCollect in 2019, the movie will now be distributed on DVD, Blu-ray, and digital media. Alongside its access to physical media comes a host of new specials totaling over 100 minutes, which explore the creation of the film from those who worked on the long-lost project, their family members, and industry veterans.

The Lutheran Society was originally commissioned amusement park An educational film that highlights the horrors of aging in the United States. The film focuses on an old man who plays it Lincoln Mazel who is quickly disoriented when he is beaten, robbed, ignored and humiliated in the pottery garden, realizing that the abuse is constantly endured by elderly people like him as they try to get on with their lives. The roller coasters and crowds in the park are chaotic symbols of how the world is keen to ignore the older members of society. Often considered one of Romero’s most creative films, it was a showcase of the director’s signature style after his success with Night of the Living Dead And the the crazy ones, Among other things.

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written by Walton Cook directed by Romero, entertainment garden It was originally shown at the American Film Festival in New York in 1975 before it was shelved and appears to be lost forever. In 2017, a copy of the film was revealed, saved for future restoration from IndieCollect. After a 4K release premiered in October 2019, Shudder then picked up the movie, providing widespread access to the movie.

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Given the age of the film, creating the special features was an achievement in itself. With features and reviews including Photographer Assistant Michael Gurnick, president and founder of the George A. Romero Suzanne Desrocher RomeroAnd the Bonnie HeinzmannWife of the late director of photography Greg HensmanAmong other things, the crew behind the home release did their best to get anyone who was in or around the movie on board. Horror legend also appears in special features Greg NicoteroHead of IndieCollect Sandra Schulbergand the author Daniel Krause who detailed the film and discussed Romero’s legacy.

amusement park He will come to homes everywhere in the near future. See the full list of special features and watch the trailer from Shudder below.

Bonus features:

  1. Voiceover with Michael Gornick
  2. Reopening ‘The Garden’ with Suzanne Desrocher Romero
  3. Bill and Bonnie’s Premium Adventure with Bonnie Hinsman
  4. For fun with Ryan Carr
  5. Interview with Susan DeRocher Romero, Sandra Schulberg, Greg Nicotero and Daniel Krause, Moderated by Samuel Zimmerman of Shudder
  6. amusement park Official brochure
  7. amusement park script
  8. Behind the scenes gallery

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