MultiVersus reveals Season 1 Battle Pass rewards

MultiVersus Reveals Season 1 Battle Pass Rewards

MultiVersus Season 1 rewards have been revealed, featuring stickers, characters, and more across two different unlockable paths.

MultiVersus It was released as early as July 2022, and players were expecting the game’s first Battle Pass to be released. After much anticipation, developers MultiVersus, Player First Games has officially revealed what the Battle Pass will contain and how players can get the items in it. It was also revealed which bonuses will be free and what bonuses require players to spend some extra money.

MultiVersus It is a free platform fighting game similar to the famous game Super Smash Bros. Series from Nintendo. The game is a massive crossover game featuring characters from all kinds of Warner Brothers Discovery properties, such as Bugs Bunny and Arya Stark from Game of thronesAnd Batman. The list currently has 17 characters, with more characters to be confirmed soon MultiVersus. After many leaks and speculation, the content of the first season Battle Pass has been confirmed.

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On the game’s official website, the developers confirmed that Season 1 Battle Pass will feature new characters, cosmetics, stickers, and more. There will be two different versions of the Battle Pass: a free version available to advance to all players and a paid Premium Battle Pass, which will contain more rewards than the free version. The new confirmed characters in the Battle Pass are Rick and Morty (as two different characters) from Rick and Mortybar of Gremlins, and Marvel anti-hero Black Adam. There will also be other things like gold, previous boosts, unique badges, icons, and stickers. All these things can be obtained for free just by playing MultiVersus.

The Premium Battle Pass will feature new cosmetics, new ringtones, new silliness, and everything from the free version. In addition, if players purchase the Premium Battle Pass, they will immediately unlock the “Toon Squad ’96” Taz variant. The post on the game’s website also goes into detail on how developers rank cosmetics MultiVersus. “You’ll likely notice that our cosmetics are categorized into different rarities ranging from Uncommon to Rare to Epic and finally to Legendary. These cosmetics layers are defined by the unique features of the items and their accompanying visual effects.” The post ends with developers encouraging players to “start progressing through the Battle Pass today and get those limited-time rewards.”

The Battle Pass for Season 1 is now available for players to advance through, and the season will end on November 15, 2022, giving players plenty of time to earn all the rewards. While some Battle Passes are ongoing and all rewards can be earned even after the season ends, such as Halo: infiniteHowever, Player First Games appears to have chosen to make the rewards in Battle Passes only obtainable within a specific time frame (at least for now). While this might frustrate some players, it does seem to be reasonably priced with a generous time frame for progression through the entire Season 1 Battle Pass.

MultiVersus Now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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