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World of Warcraft: Classic he is Prepare to take players to Northrend again. Another expansion means new dungeons, and each expansion is always just a place for more exciting and creative content along with general quality of life improvements and core bug fixes for Wow: classic.

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There are many new dungeons all over Azeroth that are part of Lich King’s wrath Expansion, the following focuses on those on the new continent Northrend. for this reason The execution of Stratholmythe new five-player instance located in the Caves of Time, an area in ancient Azeroth, has been disqualified.

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15th Utgarde Keep, Level 68

Located in the scenic areas of howling straitThis isn’t one of the first Northrend cases most players encounter. It’s also the one that gets the most screenshots and can be one of the most dangerous places to visit.

Accessing it without an installer, which most players don’t have yet, means fighting through a hostile village Vikroll.

14 Nexus, level 68

The protected area in the middle of the Borean Tundra where players can find Coldarra, the home of the Blue Dragonflight and their side, the Malygos. The enemies in this dungeon change depending on whether your character is the Horde or the Alliance but everyone fights for the dragons.

13 Go to Nairobi at level 70

A smaller dungeon made up of three bosses, Ajzol-Nerub tucked away in the middle of the barren, windy reaches of the Dragonflight.

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The dungeon is part of a larger complex that includes another five-player version and a raid. The same location also appeared in another game as the location of a big battle.

12 Ahn’Kahet: Old Kingdom, Level 71

Players who have suffered from age Cans Real-time strategy games have visited at least part of this mysterious kingdom. Arthas and his forces besieged Ahankait in one of the 3 . cans expansions.

This time, it’s just a group of five rather than an entire army, versus five bosses and a horde of bugs, clergy, and other horrors.

11 Drak’Tharon Keep, Level 72

Of course, there should be an ancient dwarf-themed dungeon in the mix, and that would be Drak’Tharon Keep. Players traveling between the Grizzly Hills and Zul’Drak can find its rugged and majestic gates on the northern side of the border.

10 Violet Contract, Level 73

Located below the floating city of Dalaran, Violet Hold is a one-room dungeon that hosts several enemies and bosses that the party has to defeat in a row.

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Despite the intense location, this dungeon gives players a minimum of seven bosses to fight, and that includes a dragon at the end.

9 Stone Halls Level 73

This will probably be the first time most players see Oldwar, but it won’t be the last. Halls of Stone is meant to be a precursor to this vast complex that includes another dungeon and the example of the massive raid that gives the entire area its name.

8 Jundrak, Level 73

Another example built by trolls in past centuries, Gundrak is also located in the Zul-Drak region. The Gundrak recalls ancient world dungeons such as the Sunken Temple and Maradon, with two separate entrances and an internal puzzle to open the passage to the final boss.

7 Lightning Halls, Level 75

After ascending from the stone halls, head back to the peaks of the Uldwar Mountains and challenge the four chiefs into the halls of lightning.

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For those who are keen on the traditions of Azerbaijan, especially the ancient history, this is the Dungeon with Titan Keeper waiting for the successful adventurers at the end.

6 Oculus, level 75

Do well and free some stray dragons from their captivity in Oculus, then ride them to victory over the dungeon boss. Choices include red, green, or yellow and include different shades that complement specific classes, whether they’re healers, tanks, or damage per second (DPS).

5 Utgarde Pinnacle, Level 75

Return to the frozen cliffs of Howling Fjord to the second state in these same high towers, Utgarde Pinnacle. This adventure includes more knowledge and backstory regarding Valkyr’s dealings with the Lich King himself and the fall of King Ymiron.

4 Saron Hole, Level 78

Welcome to Icecrown, the seat of the Lich King himself and the center of his earthly power. Visiting this dungeon is an essential part of the series of missions that eventually leads players into a 25-player raid into the upper parts of the dungeon.

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The Saron crater can be accessed either through its own entrance or a trail from the Forge of Souls.

3 Forge Of Souls Level 78

Another essential step in the quest chain that leads to the castle, Forge of Souls is aptly named. This is where the Lich King locks up and tortures the spirits in his possession, most of the enemies here are undead creatures captured from 3 . cans.

2 Reflection halls level 78

The third of three five-player dungeons in Escoron Castle, this is where the cursed sword Frostmorn rests, the unholy blade that ultimately led Prince Arthas into darkness.

This two-part dungeon involves finding a sword and escaping Arthas’ progression with either the help of Jaina Proudmoore or Sylvanas Windrunner, depending on the character’s faction.

1 Hero Trial, level 80

This unique dungeon is part of another event, the Argent Tournament, where the dawn of the Argentin selects the most talented and heroic Crusaders to help them defeat Arthas, the Lich King. The last boss is a surprising opponent, the Black Knight, the envoy of the Lich King, who appears to show his master’s determination.

World of Warcraft Classic Available on PC.

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