Shin Chan: The Professor and I are on Summer Vacation – Seven Days Endless Journey on PS4 Kicks Off August 25

PlayStation 4 version of Shin Chan: The Professor and I are on Summer Vacation – The Seven Days Endless Journey It will launch on August 25th, according to the game Playstation Store existing.

The Switch version was released on August 11 worldwide, and the PC version is scheduled for release via steam and the Epic Games Store sometime in either August or September.

Here is a game overview, via Playstation Store:

Kazu Ayabe, director of the My Summer Vacation game series, presents an all-new adventure!

Hiroshi has to go on a business trip to Kyushu, so now the whole Nohara family has decided to stay with Messi’s childhood friend in Aso, Kumamoto.

But when they arrive at Kumamoto Station on their way to Aso, they meet a strange man who presents them with an even more bizarre camera on the condition that they act as witnesses to him…

With his new camera in hand, Shinnosuke can enjoy his summer vacation in the beautiful fields and mountains of Asso to the fullest. The scene crawls even with creatures he didn’t find in Kasukabe. There are townspeople to help and new friends.

Having said that… don’t these kids look a lot like those he knows from home?

On a cold summer night, Shinnosuke saw a giant creature set against the light of a full moon. Next to the creature is a strange man with a broad smile.

It’s the same weird guy who gave him the camera at the station…

He calls himself Professor Akunu. After this encounter, more and more strange things begin to happen about Asso…

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