Terastallization Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Terastallization Could Be A Unique Trading Card Game Opportunity

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scarlet pokemon And the Violet It is among the most awaited games of the year, and for good reason, it is the first major new game Pokemon Titles to come out in three years. if Pokemon Legends: ArceusSales are an indication of how popular a franchise is. scarlet pokemon And the Violet It may end up surpassing sales of popular games like elden ring. The hype surrounding the upcoming Gen 9 release is mainly built on the foundations of .’s three trailers scarlet pokemon And the Violet Released so far, the third reveals more about the region and features of the games than others.

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With new Gen 9 games Pokemon Merchandise is already being launched online for pre-order, including luxury clothing for scarlet pokemon And the VioletAppetizer. As part of the franchise’s natural progression, it’s possible that fans will soon be able to get a new product pokemon trading card game That’s all about Gen 9, and the Pokemon company can make it very special thanks to a certain feature – Terastallization. This feature allows Pokemon to change their types to Tera and Pokemon Trading Card Game This can be used in creative ways to make somewhat unique cards for at least the next three years without changing much about how the game is played.

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How Pokemon Trading Card Can Use Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Terastallization

In the pokemon trading card gameCards like V Pokemon and VMax have been a staple for some time, and were designed to work with Dynamax and Gigantamax mechanics. Pokemon Sword And the shield. V Pokemon or equivalent cards can remain in the game and basically function as they do now, but then can evolve into a Tera V Pokemon which is actually the same creature but with a completely different type that changes the damage type of other Pokemon and the Pokemon’s weaknesses.

While This is likely to be a smooth experience in scarlet pokemon And the Violet Battles and do not require much when it comes to the use of movements, in Pokemon Trading Card Game It’s a little more complicated than that. This is because moves cost energy cards that usually belong to a certain type of one available in the game, or have special effects that activate when certain requirements are met. Having a certain Pokemon evolve into a different version of it that requires a completely different type of energy can make the game frustrating, but there is a potential solution in the form of theoretical cards that could be called Tera Energy.

Tera Energy Cards can be attached to V Pokemon exclusively, and act as any energy type when you become a Tera V Pokemon, which would objectively make sense and also give players some leeway when building their decks. Having too many Chip types in a deck of cards can result in a heavy penalty for the validity of a particular list in Pokemon Trading Card GameAnd, solving the issue with power cards meant for Tera Pokemon might be the best way to deal with the type-changing mechanic.

This can open up endless possibilities for pokemon trading card game Because it can provide a layer of unpredictability in the way the game is played both offensively and defensively, much like scarlet pokemon And the VioletTerastallization for. Another option to deal with Tera Pokemon can be to use a trick similar to the Ditto hidden card in Pokemon GO A set, which can come as any 3D card, with a Pokemon transformed into a peelable sticker. Tera Pokemon cards can be peelable stickers as well, and transform into any other type. In general, this idea will be very interesting to see the game and provide a bit of variety to the game.

Pokemon carmine And the Violet It was released on November 18, 2022 for the Nintendo Switch.

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