7 Cool Details You Might Have Missed About Brooke’s Outfits

Brook One Piece Clothes

Brock is the musician of the Straw Hat Pirates and one of the most influential characters in Eiichiro Oda piece. Introduced into the story during the Thriller Bark arc, Brook has gone on to establish himself as a fan-loving character with plenty of amazing qualities.

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As with every member of the Straw Hat Pirates pieceOda designed Brock in a way that complements his character. His clothes often represent parts of his personality and over the course of the arcs, Brooke has worn many interesting outfits.

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7 Music Famous Association

Brook is a musician and Eiichiro Oda made sure to take inspiration from quite a few of them when designing Brook. Everything about him, from his facial features to the way he dresses, has been inspired by musical artists like Jimi Hendrix, Ozzy Osbourne, Slash and more.

Oda chose Brook’s design and appearance very carefully and managed to incorporate these top performers into his character. These traits were prominent before his death when he served as a member of the Rumbar Pirates. After their revival, quite a few of them have lost in designing his character, however, some definitely shine because of the many outfits he wears.

6 The biggest clothes… until recently

Brooke is an incredibly tall man with a height of 266 centimeters. As such, all of his clothes are extremely large as well. Until recently, he was the tallest member of the crew, slightly ahead of Frankie.

However, after the Wano Country arc, Brock is now the second tallest member of the crew behind Jinbe. With the imminent addition of Yamato, it will be interesting to see Brook’s ranking in the crew. However, Brook’s clothing is still designed to be extra large.

5 Gentleman

Brooke’s dressing style, especially before the interval, was quite similar to that of a traditional gentleman. He was seen wearing a hat, pants, and overcoat throughout Thriller Park Arch and Sabaody Archipelago.

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His coat and pants were black with yellow undershirts. Furthermore, Brock also wore a blue tie between his coat, to further emphasize the noble nature of his character design. After the time skip, his design changed slightly, indicating that Brock’s character evolved as well.

4 way to sword

Brooke’s spotting style is also linked to his gentle way of dressing. He is often seen with a walking stick that also acts as a sword when unsheathed. Just like his noble personality, Brock’s fighting style is also cute.

Unlike a swordsman with strength, he relies on elegance and prowess in combat. This was featured in Thriller Park Ark, where he fought against the zombie Ryoma, the legendary swordsman in Wano. Often times, he manages to end fights even before the opponent knows what hit them. This is, again, a great addition by Eiichiro Oda to Brook’s character.

3 After The Timeskip

While Brock was a gentleman before time passed, after returning to Sapphie, his clothing style changed slightly. This was in part because he had been a rock star for two years, and had earned an incredible reputation as the King of Soul. Brooke’s outfit has changed a bit and he’s now wearing heart-shaped sunglasses, along with a new hat with a gold crown on it.

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He also changed his pants from black to red-orange, indicating, once again, that he was now thicker than before. Besides, Brock also wears a feathered boa around his neck and carries a guitar instead of a violin.

2 Wano’s own country costume

In the Wano Country arc, the majority of the Straw Hat pirates were either samurai or ninjas. Brock’s case was very interesting as he was dressed as a Japanese yokai called jashadokuro. He was wearing an all-white kimono with a triangular headband and arrows sticking out of his body.

His role was to stand out as a ghost and given his skeletal appearance, this was a very easy task for him. Brook proved to be very useful in various situations, such as Orochi Castle where he was able to locate Poneglyph and also terrify Oniwabanshu.

1 Back to its roots in Onigashima

In the Onigashima section of the Wano Country arc, Brook returned to his roots with another noble design. He wore a long black and white overcoat and moved back into the top hat. At the same time, he also decided to wear black pants, which is another nod to his initial design in One Piece.

During the Onigashima raid, he fought against a member of the Numbers of the Beast Pirates and some talented ones, and had good success against them. After the war ended, he sang with Hiyori in traditional Wano costume.

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