9 Sitcom Vignettes You Totally Forgot About

Billy Crystal & Robin Williams in Friends

Watching sitcoms is a ritual of comfort for almost everyone. We watch them for warm friendships, heartbreaking love stories, or just hysterical intertwined lines. Since the 1970s, sitcoms have dominated audiences and kept them hooked season after season.

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Best of all, fans are getting really excited and excited after spotting a familiar but out of place face on the show. Cameos are known to keep fans engaged and enthralled as they increase the show’s fan base and add a little element of surprise. But such an inscription can often be missed in the blink of an eye and forgotten over time.

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Katy Perry in How I Met Your Mother

From the many memes and phrases to the heartfelt moments that made us all go “Aww!” , How do I meet your mother Gathered huge fans. In season 6 we watch Ted (Josh RadnorIt falls to a married woman who wants to destroy GNB, the company that Ted works for (a Ted classic, right?).

We are introduced to Hani, Zoe’s cousin, who is played by someone else Katy Perry. Her cool and naive personality makes everyone go, “Oh, honey!” The American Idol judge stole the screen with her hilarious personality and raised the rating of the series. It was also a turning point for Berry as her career took off right after her guest appearance. Talk about winning!

Amir in the movie New Girl

Emotionally unavailable and forever angry Nick Miller (Jake Johnson) Finally says the three magic words while Jessica Day (Zooey Deschanel) chooses to respond with finger guns. This hilarious episode of season 3 in new girl It features a guest appearance by one of the most popular and beloved music artists, Prince.

Furthermore, the legendary music icon himself has approached the show’s creators for a guest spot on the show, Johnson revealed in an interview. Apparently, Prince was a huge fan of Nick-Jess’ relationship, and wanted to be on the show for them. The Prince eventually helps mend matters between the two lovebirds with his wit, charm, and a few words of support.

Mark Hamill in The Big Bang Theory

We all know how the four men work The Big Bang Theory They were the biggest nerds on earth. Scientists and engineers were big fans of science fiction movies, comics, and superheroes. So, you can only imagine the exhilarating excitement Howard felt when he rescued a dog belonging to OG Skywalker –Mark Hamill.

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Season eleven ended with great fanfare as Hamill staged Amy and Sheldon’s wedding as a favor to get his dog back safely. The cast and crew were over the moon with his veil, and viewers were positively elated!

Daniel Levy in “Modern Family”

Before the audience swung like charming and intelligent David Rose, Daniel Levy guest starred in season 10 episode of modern familyA Sketchy Area, the lively sitcom with 11 seasons. The show had a lot of guest stars on the show like Kevin Hart, Chris Martin, Leslie Mann, And the Josh Gad For example, but not limited. But Levi’s emergence as a graphic artist certainly raised some heads.

Playing a courtroom graphic artist painting an unflattering portrait of Mitch. Cam, being the most supportive and loving husband, spoils himself by gathering some dirt on Levi Younan’s character and eventually breaking him.

Jim Carrey in The Office

With an eccentric boss and the strangest group of employees, the desk It became a sitcom when fans crave a dose of fun in their lives. They like to rhyme with “that’s what she said” with the lover Michael Scott (Steve Carell). The show has hosted a string of guest stars in its lifetime, including one of the show’s original creators –Ricky Gervais.

One of the most unexpected inscriptions was Jim Carrey In a fleeting role as the Finger Lakes man at the height of Season 7. He sweeps the audience with his Canadian accent despite being on screen for less than 3 minutes.

Victor Garber in “Sheets Creek”

In the case of a little Russian doll, we see the venerable Moira Rose (Catherine O’HaraFeatured in a show on Sheet Creek with the Titanic the actor Victor Garber. In the tenth episode of season six Tippi Bernstein (Saul Rubink) comes as a blast from the past in Moira’s life alongside Clifton Sparks, played by Victor Garber.

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They offered an opportunity for Moira to return to television and reprise a role she had been playing with great skill. The episode turned out to be a riot as the story progressed.

Kathy Bates in Two and a Half Men

After a general disagreement between Charlie Shin and makers two and a half menThe story had to be shaped to get Charlie Harper out of the picture. So, the show progressed without Charlie, and the writers killed him in a train accident. But who wouldn’t like a friendly ghost to appear to surprise other characters?

The creators chose the incredibly talented Kathy Bates To appear as Charlie’s ghost to have a brother-to-brother conversation with Alan Harper. Bates came on board after loving the idea, and her mission led to her winning her first ever Emmy!

Adam Sandler in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine It cemented its place as one of the most entertaining and comprehensive comedy series in television history. He had a diverse representation of characters from race to sexuality. While we commend the efforts related to the characters and stories, the creators did an amazingly good job regarding the guest.

Fans may have missed a cameo appearance by Jake (Andy Samberg(Favorite John McLane)Bruce Willis), but we saw the crash Adam Sandler as the same. While he was in disguise, the This is my son The duo met at the auction venue as he tried to put a sock in Jake’s mouth.

Robin Williams and Billy Crystal in Friends

Monica (Courteney CoxShe always wanted to get married and have children. She’s known this from the start and has always had her eye on the ball. So, in season three, when things were getting serious between her and Pete Baker, she naturally expected a show. When that didn’t happen, she ran to Central Perk to tell the gang about it!

And there, see Robin Williams with Billy Crystal Appearing out of nowhere, they literally did! Fun fact: Their appearance on the show wasn’t planned or written! The conversation they had on the sofa with each other, while Joey (Matt LeBlanc) interrupts, completely improvised and makes it doubly funny!

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