After 18 years, Meta has finally built a customer service department on Facebook

Meta is trying to make it easier for its users to get support when their account or posts are removed, according to report from Bloomberg. The report cites Brent Harris, Meta’s vice president of governance, who said the company “spends a bunch of time” serving customers. Since Facebook’s inception, people have really had no recourse or a way to talk to the company about moderation decisions.

At this point, it’s not clear what Meta’s customer service department will actually do. Last year, the company piloted a live chat support program that gave some English-speaking users a way to actually talk to someone in the Meta if they needed help with a new feature or their account was locked. At the time, the company said it was “the first time that Facebook has offered direct help to people who have been banned from their accounts.”

The company did not immediately respond the edgeHe asked for comment on whether his recent efforts were related to that “mini-test” or if those capabilities had expanded in any way in the months since they were introduced.

However, providing support for all Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Horizon VR and other properties, would be a huge task for the company. according to BloombergHowever, Meta’s focus on overhauling the customer support experience is due in part to feedback from the Oversight Board. Last year, the “independent” body set up to monitor and overturn Meta’s decisions (independent in quotes because it is company-funded) reported that it had received Nearly a million appeals from users About Moderating Meta Content.

As Meta looks to help users who accidentally find themselves on the wrong side of automated moderation tools, it’s still working on removing people who are intentionally evading bans. according to Tweet from Meta’s Anti-Terror Policy LeaderDina Hussain, the company recently removed about 500 accounts, pages, groups, and events associated with the Proud Boys, a white supremacist group that was banned from the platform in 2018.

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