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So far, almost everyone has heard of him Callisto Protocol He will know that the game is run by Glen Schofield – co-founder of EA owned dead space Franchise business. While EA has its hand full with a remake coming from the first dead spaceSchofield formed his own studio – Striking Distance Studios – and worked hard on what everyone knows now Callisto Protocol. Schofield’s latest quest takes place in the Black Iron prison colony located on Jupiter’s moon, Callisto. As prisoner Jacob Lee, players find themselves in the midst of an alien invasion that appears to have been orchestrated by the prison’s overseers.

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Despite having a fresh coat of paint, it’s clear that Schofield was very inspired by his work dead space when taking Callisto Protocol. For starters, both titles are third-person survival horror games set in the backdrop of outer space. Also occur in the midst of an alien invasion/invasion. Moreover, both games star in the unpredictable who have little or no experience when it comes to fighting these creatures. These are just a few of the elements Callisto Protocol that takes cues from dead space. With the game’s December release approaching and more gameplay revealed, players will start to see how similar Jacob Lee’s story is to Isaac Clarke’s. The latest release of Gamescom’s new game show does just that.

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Minimal interface back

just us dead space It kept its HUD elements to a minimum, Callisto Protocol It looks like it will give players all the information they need with just a quick glance over Jacob Lee’s shoulder. Along the back of Jacob’s neck is a clear green health strip as well as what looks like a small energy strip just above it. Jacob’s health is easily recognizable thanks to the bright color scheme, which changes depending on the character’s remaining success points. If viewers look closely at the Gamescom trailer, they can see that taking damage causes the bar to turn from green to orange and then red when health drops dramatically.

Jacob’s health bar is difficult to decipher, as it is much smaller and less visible. This segmented white line may show how much power Jacob’s telekinetic unit can use, but it’s still too early to tell what this element of Jacob’s suit actually does. the stranger, Callisto Protocol Not taking full advantage of the real estate on Jacob Lee’s back. unlike dead spaceIsaac Clark, whose entire back is filled with easily readable information such as his current health, stasis, and oxygen levels, most of the elements built into his Jacob Lee suit appear to be crammed into the back of his lower neck.

HUD’s weapon seems to be largely unchanged dead spaceBut as Callisto Protocol It uses an easy-to-read ammo counter located on the back of each weapon. By placing the ammo counter here and allowing Jacob Lee to shoot to a specific location, the game intelligently creates more screen space so players can see the environment and potential threats. When players play a dark and terrifying game like Callisto ProtocolThey’ll need all the spatial awareness they can get.

Alien species are as tough as nails

very much like dead spaceNecromorphs, looks like enemies in Callisto Protocol It would be hard to kill. The aliens need multiple bullets to kill them and headshots don’t seem to work on them. On top of that, some enemies seem to be able to replenish lost appendages, which could leave players feeling relieved that they’re no longer playing limb-slashing Isaac Clarke. While the shredding system from dead space It seems to be absent Callisto ProtocolIt looks like the game will allow for some light combat and stealth. The Gamescom trailer shows Jacob Lee crouching and stealthily taking out an enemy using a contextual button prompt as well as dodging some enemy close range attacks and responding with his melee weapon.

Telekinesis and slack are making a comeback (sort of)

Two of Isaac Clarke’s most indispensable tools in dead space It was the Kinesis and Stasis units. With them, he can move heavy machines, solve puzzles, and most importantly, reuse sharp objects as weapons that can be thrown and temporarily freeze enemies. Callisto Protocol It looks like it would combine Kinesis and Stasis into one resource that Jacob could use. Gamescom’s trailer shows that players can drag enemies from a distance and freeze them in place.

From here, players have several options. They can carry the frozen enemy and use it as a temporary cover from the attacks of other enemies. They can also throw them at other enemies. But quite possibly the most formidable option would be to throw the crippled enemy at one of the Callisto ProtocolMany environmental hazards. Such a powerful ability should come at a cost, which could refer to the supposed energy bar on Jacob’s health bar. By making this teleportation a limited resource, the game can switch between making the player feel weak and powerful at different moments.

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Lots and lots of death animations

The second part of Callisto ProtocolThe Gamescom trailer was a relatively linear part of the gameplay. As Jacob Lee explores what a sewage system looks like, he’s being washed away by an oncoming wave of untreated sewage. This starts a written action sequence where players have to dodge obstacles while navigating Jacob down a series of large tubes. One obstacle is a series of rotating propeller blades that Jacob fails to avoid. This causes the character to fall into the fan blades which violently cut his body in two. anyone played dead space The game will know that the franchise is famous for its gruesome death scenes. There are multiple ways the protagonist can die, which shows how violent the world they inhabit can be. looks as if Callisto Protocol He will continue this tradition and provide many ways for Jacob Lee to die a terrible death.

All in all, it looks as if Callisto Protocol It will feel very familiar to fans dead space Franchise business. But thanks to components like the new setting and new brawl and stealth mechanics, there seem to be enough elements to make the game feel like its own thing. Players will enjoy a surplus of horror games at the end of 2022, and Callisto Protocol It seems to be one of the nicknames driving the movement.

Callisto Protocol It launches December 2 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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