All Genshin Impact Sabzeruz Festival Association Questions Answers

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Society quests appear several times during the main Sumeru story mission, specifically Chapter 3 Chapter 2: The Morn A Thousand Roses Brings and Sabzeruz Festival arc. This association mechanic introduces a new dialogue mini-game where you interpret, link and present conclusions based on a set of key terms. It’s kind of like Danganronpa-lite for opponents via multiple-choice quiz.

Here is a quick summary of how this mini-game works. The translation option will tell you more about each term, and using the Submit Conclusion option will suggest the specific term as your answer to the current question. Interpreting certain terms will make them golden and open up the option of association; This may allow you to associate this term with another to open a new term. We recommend explaining all of the terms at the start of each session for additional context and to cover the basics of each, but we’ll delve into the deductions needed to save time.

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