Casemiro is the ‘happiest man alive’ after the Manchester United move as he vowed to win trophies with ‘England’s biggest team’.

Casemiro, the new signing with Manchester United, has revealed that he is “the happiest man alive after joining the biggest team in England” – with whom he has vowed to win titles.

Casemiro completed a massive £70m deal from Real Madrid to Old Trafford this week.

Casemiro shared his joy at joining England's biggest team, Man United, who pledged to win titles with him


Casemiro shared his joy at joining England’s biggest team, Man United, who pledged to win titles with himcredit: Getty
The midfielder can't wait to join ex-Real Madrid teammate Ronaldo although they have yet to talk about his move to Old Trafford.


The midfielder can’t wait to join ex-Real Madrid teammate Ronaldo although they have yet to talk about his move to Old Trafford.Credit: Getty Images – Getty

He arrived at the club in time to watch them crush their rivals Liverpool 2-1 from the sidelines.

And the midfielder is ready to break into action when the Red Devils face Southampton this weekend.

But he stopped short of dealing with life in Manchester to discuss his move with Club notification.

And the 30-year-old couldn’t contain his enthusiasm to join the team that made him feel like a teenager again.

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When asked how he has felt since the Real Madrid switch with United, Casemiro said: “Well, first of all, thank you very much. There is no doubt that I am really excited.

“I received a very warm welcome. I really felt that special affection from everyone towards me and of course this is really important. I felt such great affection from the moment I arrived and I think it is a new challenge.

“I’m so happy. I feel like I’m 20 or 18, I’m excited to go, I’m excited to be among my teammates, to play on the field and I think it’s just so exciting and I’m so happy.”

He is stunned by the affection he has shown by those in the club – eager to hit the ground running as he runs through the Theater of Dreams.

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And Casemiro added: “Well, like I said, love around me… It was great when I arrived.

“People were really friendly with me, they showed me a lot of affection and that’s how you like to feel as a person.

“So I’m really happy, really excited and I feel like it’s a huge challenge and a new challenge for me, so I want to work hard to make it happen.”

Casemiro became United’s second addition in midfield after Christian Eriksen’s arrival this summer, and revealed it made no sense to make the change when the country’s “biggest team” came in.

The Red Devils have experienced steady decline over the past decade, but they have won more Premier League titles than any other team – with 13 titles in their government.

Casemiro claims this proves that they are still the best dogs in England.

Reflection: “Well, it’s the biggest club in England. It’s the club with the most trophies. So, I’m really happy and can’t wait to get started.”

The midfield mover will be linked with former Real Madrid teammates Raphael Varane and Cristiano Ronaldo at Old Trafford this season, and can’t wait to reunite with his old teammates.

He revealed that Varane has already given him the ground, although he has yet to speak to Ronaldo – who apparently still reveres him despite their lack of communication so far.

Casemiro, when asked about the pair, explained: “Well, they are two players that I had the pleasure of playing alongside.

“We could spend the whole day talking about Cristiano. He is one of the best players in the history of football. Considering his time at Real Madrid.

“I think we spent seven years together, so I am honored to play again with these players but not only these players, I am looking forward to meeting my new teammates, helping them and helping me as well.

“Well, it is the biggest club in England. It is the club that has won the most trophies.”


“I am very excited to be here at Manchester United.”

“I spoke to Rafa. He told me he is happy. His family is very happy here in Manchester and I feel Manchester United have a great centre-back in him, and as we know, Cristiano is there as one of the best players in football history and I think he will continue to accomplish things.”

But Casemiro didn’t come to United just to rekindle the camaraderie with his old friends.

He is determined to make his mark at the club and bring back the club’s glory days, and that includes winning trophies.

Casemiro concluded his speech by telling the fans: “Well, I am excited to be here, very happy.

“I appreciate the affection people have shown me, from day one, the people at the airport, everyone.

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“I am happy and I am sure that I will give everything, not only in matches but in training as well and you can count on me as another Manchester United player and I want to win matches and titles like all players.

“I’m really looking forward to it and now it’s about working hard and showing everyone what I can do as a footballer.”

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