Champion Vince Tiffin Confirms Fifth Movie After All


There have been many modern romances that have captured the hearts of moviegoers in recent years. One of those stormy romances was Hardin’s story.Champion Vince Tiffin) and tessa (Josephine Langford) found in great popularity after, after Franchise business. Based on a book series by Anna would likeThe movie series is set to have its fourth and final theaters after happiness On September 7, however, it appears that the upcoming movie isn’t the final chapter after all. Tiffin has announced that a fifth movie in the franchise, titled after every thing It’s already happening, and he’s already finished filming!

The announcement came via a video posted on after, afterThe official Instagram page where Tiffin shared the exciting news. “I am so excited to share some huge news with all of you,” Tiffin stated and continued in the video, “We just finished filming on day five. after, after Movie. I can’t tell you much about him yet, but I can tell you that he will be contacted after every thing And I can’t wait to see you all.” Although we don’t know much, it’s exciting to know that the story of Hisa (Hardin and Tessa) isn’t over yet.

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This news shouldn’t be too surprising because, though after happiness Marketed as the definitive movie, this was a very popular franchise among the romantic community. when first after, after It debuted in theaters in 2019, and Share Origin Story has grossed over $69 million on a budget of just $14 million. From there, the epidemic could not even stop this strong pair after our collision And the After we fell It grossed $47 million and $21 million worldwide on very limited theatrical releases.

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The movie series has up to this point been questionable in terms of its quality and Hessa’s romance can be said to glorify an emotionally abusive/toxic relationship, but you can’t deny that this franchise has a huge fan base. With September being another dry release month at the box office, don’t be surprised if after happiness It’s another modest hit. While After we fell Hessa’s relationship status is left on the rocks again with trailers for after happiness Having shown that things will get worse before they get better for the pair, any fan of the genre knows where this story is headed. Harden and Tessa, like all complex love stories, are on an endless journey – these two are destined for each other. The announcement of a fifth movie only reinforces that.

It seems that after every thing It will be the official final movie in the franchise as in the last story published on after, after“I’m sure this movie will be the last,” Tiffin’s Instagram page said in an early preview of the next movie. However, those plans could change, especially if the franchise performs well at the box office again.

Where after every thing Already filmed, it’s safe to assume that this final movie will be released sometime next year. While we wait for an official release date for the fifth movie, after happiness He’ll keep fans company when it hits theaters September 7. You can watch the video ad for after every thing down below.

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