Destiny 2 streamers complain about the possibility of matchmaking with other players, but Bungie says it hasn’t changed anything

Destiny 2 Arc 3.0

Destiny 2 PvP players were prepared that skill-based matchmaking was affecting their matches, but it turns out Bungie hasn’t turned it on yet. Oops.

The inception of Destiny 2 Season of Plunder was intended to bring with it the first skill-based matching app, a controversial topic as many players believe this turns matches into a “festive” where every player is as good quality as them. While this seems like a logical way to set up matchmaking — pairing up two players of the same skill — it’s a major sticking point in Destiny 2 PvP circles. Those who aren’t as skilled as top-tier Destiny 2 players have long complained about unfair matches, feeling as if skill-based matchmaking will prevent these players from trampling with impunity.

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