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Elden Ring armor location best

The best Elden Ring armor locations are all over the map, allowing you to find some really powerful equipment, in some cases, just to see where it is. Knight’s armor, for example, can be chosen from a primary enemy. While things like Radahn or Raging Wolf Armor involve some tough boss battles, the armor you get can make it all worthwhile. We’ve got 12 sets of Elden Ring armor here, which we think are the best, plus where and how to get them.

The choice of what we have here will depend on how you play Elden Ring. Here are armor sets designed for speed, some heavy tank items that can really take a beating, etc. Be honest about how you’re going to play – there’s no point in playing with an emphasis on magic and building wits/dexterity and then spending ages trying to get some strength focused on armor. Although there is an Elden Ring Respec system that will allow you to change the build if you really want to. Whatever your plan, it is better to spend some points on endurance. This stat controls what you can carry and almost all shields you can find will need some extra leverage to use without affecting your speed.

Below we have the best Elden Ring armor locations marked on the map so you can find them easily (just make sure you collect all the parts of the Elden Ring map). There are also a few more things about what it is or why you might want it. It’s definitely worth checking out sooner rather than later as there are definitely some pretty cool things that you can get surprisingly fast. And to help you get a good loading quickly, we also have the best early Elden Ring game weapons that are also packed with surprising ease of getting stuff

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Elden Ring Armor Locations

Best Elden Ring Armor Location

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While some armor in the Elden Ring can be dropped randomly by specific enemies, most of the better armor combinations are not, and we’ve narrowed down the armor that will help players who feel a bit naked. What we have laid out above and below are some of the best armor locations, considering the needs of multiple types of players. If these sets of armor are repurchased in the Roundtable Hold, we have instead located the boss that you need to kill to unlock it.

1. Banish the Knight’s Armor

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